After joining The Pretenders in the mid-70s, Chrissie Hynde established herself as one of rock’s most well-known frontwomen. Her story, like that of most rock stars, is full of whirlwind loves and heartbreaking heartbreaks.

The lead singer is currently single and has been for quite some time, claiming that “being in love was too much trouble.”

“I don’t believe I’m unloved.” Being in love is the best feeling in the world. Everyone realizes this, but it’s a pain. “One terrible text can ruin your entire day, and if you’re away, there’s that gnawing yearning to see someone who isn’t there,” Hynde told the Telegraph.

She wasn’t alone, though. She had a few boyfriends, but she quickly realized she was a lone wolf.

She went on to say that she wasn’t advocating for the single life because being alone required a strong sense of self, which was difficult to achieve.


Former Husband Jim Kerr and Chrissie Hynde’s Short-Lived Marriage

It’s not like Hynde didn’t strive to fall in love and keep it. For her, it didn’t work out. Jim Kerr of Simple Minds was the rockstar’s husband. While waiting for a lift, the two met.

They married in 1984, and on March 25, 1985, they brought Yasmin Paris into the world. They were in love and believed that by defying all odds, they could make their marriage work. However, only days after their wedding, Hynde’s husband embarked on a two-year global tour, leaving her pregnant behind.

Instead of visiting his family in London when her spouse returned, he moved to Scotland with the band to write songs. In 1989, Hynde and Kerr divorced. Kerr stated that he was too preoccupied with wanting to make it big as a musician to pay attention to his family, which led to the couple’s divorce.

After Simple Minds and The Pretenders hit the road in 2018, the two are still on good terms and have even reunited on stage. The Pretenders’ fame then passed on to Lucho Brieva, an artist. From 1997 to 2003, they were married.

There isn’t much else known about the ex-couple. Chrissie Hynde is an American singer-songwriter. Two members of the Sex Pistols were on the verge of marrying. Prior to Kerr and Brieva, Hynde was on the verge of marrying two members of the rock band Sex Pistols.

After relocating from the United States to the United Kingdom, the frontwoman, like other ambitious musicians, struggled to break through. She was in risk of deportation because she didn’t have a job and didn’t have a visa.

Desperate, she turned to her friend John Lydon, alias Johnny Rotten, the frontman of the Sex Pistols, for assistance. She proposed they marry in order to alleviate her problems. Rotten, on the other hand, had more pressing matters to attend to.

Sid Vicious, a member of Rotten’s band and the bassist for the Sex Pistols, accused Hynde of wanting to marry Rotten for money and referred to her as a gold-digger.

When Rotten was unable to assist her, Vicious offered to marry her. Hynde, on the other hand, had different intentions. The pair did not marry, and Hynde went on to form The Pretender, which forever transformed her life.


By Meera