Parenting a child as a single parent is the most difficult job any mother can imagine, and when she is also working in a demanding profession like journalism, the obstacles multiply exponentially.  Tracye Hutchins, an American journalist, has been able to serve as a role model for all mothers by raising her daughter on her own while pursuing her work.

The Scottsdale native is most recognized for her work as a CBS46 News co-anchor. Along with her celebrity, Tracye has established herself as a long-serving member of the network.

Biographical Sketch of Tracye Hutchins, Age, Family

Tracye Hutchins, who is 49 years old, celebrates her birthday on January 19th. She grew up in Scottsdale, Las Vegas, with her family, just like any other average kid, but unlike any other normal kid, she’s accomplished a lot in her career.

Tracye’s Happily Ever After at CBS46

Tracye Hutchins joined CBS 46 as a morning show co-host in 2007. She was elevated to the night’s show in 2013 after a great start to her CBS 46 career, which included coverage of various events and conversations with a variety of celebrities.

Tracye has now finished her 11 years at CBS46 as a result of the promotions. She continues to contribute to the network as a co-anchor for CBS46, which airs at 4, 5, 6, and 11 p.m. She worked as a presenter for the CBS affiliate KFMB in San Diego before joining CBS46 in Atlanta. In addition to her previous professional experience, the Scottsdale native spent four years at CNN Headline News.

During her time at CNN, she amassed a large following thanks to her daily news coverage of health stories, entertainment features, and world news events, the most notable of which was live coverage of several major events, including the break-up of the Columbia space shuttle over Texas and the capture of expelled Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Despite having a very successful job, her personal life has not been up to pace.

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After only two years, her happy marriage to Steve Overmyer ended in divorce

The Scottsdale native isn’t exactly one of those people who has been able to strike a good work-life balance.

Tracye was previously married; in 2001, she married Steve Overmyer, an American TV news anchor, in a private ceremony. She and he also have a daughter, Paige, who goes by the Instagram handle. However, just two years into their romance, the doubleton divorced in 2003, ending their marriage.

Tracye has been living her journalism career while also performing the responsibilities of a mother since the divorce when she acquired exclusive power over her daughter.

Tracye and her ex-husband had a wonderful relationship with their daughter after their divorce

Tracye shares a failed marriage, but she isn’t the one who is always moaning about it. Instead, she is a content mother of one child (from her Social Media flaunts). Her kid also appears to have a good relationship with her father, since she was seen with him just a month after her mother’s vacation to Dubai.

Tracye and her ex-husband, it’s fair to say, do not compromise anything when it comes to their kid, even after their divorce.

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