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Chef Aarti Sequeira was not only open about her postpartum depression, but she was also grateful for her husband’s wonderful assistance and support during her dark days.

The former CNN producer has been striving to eliminate the stigma connected with postpartum depression and its negative impact on a woman’s mental health.

Aarti Sequeira’s Postpartum Depression Battle

According to Distractify, the fusion food expert has two lovely daughters, Eliyah and Moses. Sequeira, on the other hand, suffered from the ‘baby blues’ shortly after their birth. Even yet, it’s important to note that baby blues and postpartum depression are not the same things, with the latter being far more severe.

She said in an interview with Dare To Live Fully that her spouse was always there for her when she felt hopeless and bewildered as a result of postpartum depression’s consequences. One out of every seven new mothers had this problem. It’s also conceivable for mothers to get this condition after their first childbirth, even if they didn’t have it before.

Postpartum depression is a type of severe clinical depression connected with pregnancy and childbirth, according to WebMD. This illness can also be caused by an abrupt change in hormone chemistry in a new mother’s body, according to the website. A history of depression (in the mother or her family), stress, and issues caring for the infant are all possible risk factors.

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The Husband of Aarti Sequeira was there for her

Sequeira’s husband, Brendan McNamara, encouraged her and helped her realize that postpartum depression was not her fault and that seeking professional help was perfectly acceptable.

Sequeira expressed gratitude to him for removing the stigma associated with postpartum depression for her, and she wished to do the same for other women who are afraid to seek treatment during such difficult times.

When I didn’t want to acknowledge that something was wrong, my husband held me while I grieved and brought truth and encouragement into the confusion and discouragement that sets in. He made me feel better by convincing me that this wasn’t my fault and that I needed to seek help. He removed the stigma for me, and I want to do the same for other women in similar situations.

McNamara not only helped her get over her tough moments, but he also helped her get to where she is now.

McNamara helped her get a job in the food industry

McNamara was the one who urged the mother of two to seek a career in the culinary industry, she said in an interview with Gambit. Her husband was the one who initially spotted her talent and believed in her, according to the food celebrity. She never imagined a career in the culinary arts would be successful. Her first and greatest desire as an immigrant was to help the next generation succeed.

McNamara was also the guy behind the camera when she began filming her cooking variety show Aarti Party, in addition to assisting her in discovering her secret gift. Furthermore, McNamara was the one who encouraged Sequiera to submit her audition video for Food Network Star, which prompted them to approach her right away.

A Four-Person Happy Family

Candy Land’s judge has a small and loving family of four children. In 2003, she married McNamara, her undergraduate sweetheart, and the two relocated from New York to Los Angeles to begin their lives together.

In 2013, the couple welcomed their first child, a girl. In 2015, they were blessed with their second kid after a few years of waiting.

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