Joaquin Phoenix received his first Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as Arthur Fleck in Joker, a lonely loner who turns to crime, sparking a social uprising in Gotham City.

The post, however, was not without its difficulties. Phoenix, like Heath Ledger before him, had a difficult transformation to become the complex and disturbed Arthur Fleck, who eventually becomes ‘The Joker’ over the course of the film.

Joaquin Phoenix was down 52 pounds

Joaquin Phoenix has played a variety of interesting, appealing, and occasionally scary characters, all of which required him to undergo bodily transformations. Phoenix, who has earned the reputation of being a method actor, maintains his image by thoroughly researching and imbibing a role.

Phoenix dropped 52 pounds to acquire Joker’s scary skeletal appearance. While the actor’s commitment to the metamorphosis was praised, he was also chastised for putting himself in danger. Phoenix met with writer and director Todd Phillips a few months before the production to discuss his desire to gain weight for the role. To bring Fleck to life, Philips felt the actor needed to “appear hungry and ill, like a starving wolf.”

The actor, who ate steamed green vegetables and apples for the role, worked closely with a medical professional to ensure his health was not jeopardized. He told Access Hollywood, “It’s something I’ve done previously, and you work with a doctor who is regimented, overseen, and safe.”

Phoenix said in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live that the process was “tough and tiring” physically. He had to work up the courage to mount the stairs, which took him thirty seconds. He also stated that he couldn’t watch food advertising while dieting for the film because it would make him hungry. He also didn’t socialize since “all of our social activity focuses on food and drink,” he said.

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He said that his weight loss may have caused him to develop a disorder

Joaquin had to deal with a lot more than just losing weight. His connection with food and weight was affected by the strict calorie restriction, resulting in a psychological condition.
People spoke with the long-time vegan about the consequences of going to such extremes for weight loss.

Everything changes once you achieve your goal weight. Getting up every day and obsessing over something as small as 0.3 pounds is challenging. Right? And you’re turning into a disorder. It’s incredible.
The actor discovered a new fluidity in his body, which was necessary for the character’s movement and charisma, despite his mental struggles with weight loss.

Phoenix stated that he felt much better physically and was able to perform Joker’s extravagant dancing much better.

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