Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca King-Crews have been married for almost three decades and are the hosts of America’s Got Talent: Extreme. They met in the 1980s at Western Michigan University, where they were both students. Crews was a football player, while Rebecca was a music and theater student.

Crews almost got stuck in the friend zone, according to Rebecca, because she wasn’t immediately attracted to him. She thought he was a little too polite at first, but they soon fell in love and married in 1989.

Azriel, their oldest daughter, was born the same year, and the couple has since added four additional children to their family. Crews was taken into the NFL a year later and began his career with the Los Angeles Rams. He quit from sport in 1997 and began acting. His happiness and mental health suffered as a result of the move.

He became depressed after retiring from football since he had gone from a well-known sportsman to a citizen.

Terry Crews and his wife discuss his infidelity and pornographic addiction

While the couple eventually got over it, they had bigger issues to deal with. Crews was working on a new project in New York City in 2010 when he contacted his wife and confessed his infidelity and porn addiction.

Rebecca had a sneaky hunch that the actor wasn’t always being truthful with her, and she was regrettably correct. Rebecca’s heart was broken by Crews’ confession, and she vowed to leave him. To her, the anguish and betrayal felt like death. Terry, too, said he “could not stop crying” and felt bereft of his wife and children.

“My wife said, ‘I don’t know who you are anymore, I’m out of here.’ “That affected me because I understood this is a serious problem,” Crews said in his Dirty Little Secret three-part Facebook video series.
Crews determined to change and went to treatment and rehab, and his efforts won Rebecca over.

Rebecca didn’t leave him, but it took her three years to truly trust him. Crews commended his wife for battling for their marriage while they worked through their challenges.

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In a case of sexual assault, his wife stood by him

Rebecca was there for Crew when he sued Hollywood agent Adam Venit in 2016, despite his addiction and infidelity.

Venit allegedly sexually attacked the White Chicks actor at a party, according to the actor.

When they initially met, “Venit gazed at Crews avidly, like a rabid dog, putting his tongue in and out of his mouth provocatively,” according to records acquired by USA TODAY.

“Venit aggressively grasped Crews’ penis and testicles so firmly that Crews felt immediate pain,” says the report.

Crews requested punitive and exemplary damages in his complaint, claiming that the encounter caused him physical pain and psychological concerns. Venit rejected the charges, and the issue was settled in 2018 when the case was dismissed by prosecutors.

“I am incredibly proud of my hubby. “This is a topic worth fighting for,” Rebecca stated.

Whatever happens next, Crews and Rebecca resolve to be there for one other as they have always been.


By Meera