Diet and Workout Routine for Sooyoung: Sooyoung is an actress, singer, and former member of Girl’s Generation, one of the most well-known Kpop groups. They were active for a decade, and I do miss them now and then. Sooyoung is now pursuing an acting career and has had considerable success in this field.

Sooyoung has appeared in a number of television shows and films, including Run On, Tell Me What You Saw, Squad 38, New Year Blues, and others. She’s also known for being one of the group’s and industry’s most attractive and fit members and actresses. So, if you’re looking for the Sooyoung workout and diet plan, keep reading.

Sooyoung: Workout Routine

Sooyoung is an actress and an idol, and we all know how important both of these roles are in the Korean entertainment industry. They all need to stay in shape and maintain a lean, slender body that fans can look up to when they want to be like someone. That’s why Sooyoung has maintained her fitness since joining the industry. So, how does she keep her body in shape?

Sooyoung was a full-time idol before becoming a full-time actress, as we all know. They stay in shape as idols by doing things like dancing, stretching, and other exercises. Dancing is the best option for her because it covers their practice while also burning a lot of calories. K-pop idols practice for two to three hours on average, after which they perform, go on photo shoots, and so on.

So all of that has an effect on their bodies, causing them to lose fat and maintain their leanness. The fitness instructor then has them do stretches and other exercises with the rest of the group. Sooyoung, on the other hand, is no longer dancing as she is more involved in the acting industry and focuses on other workouts that are still unknown.

However, I can provide you with something to do in order to help you achieve Sooyoung’s physique. I believe she has a body shape that is similar enough to Jennie and Rose’s to be influenced by their workout. We’ll do cardio and pilates exercises, and we’ll work out for about five days a week with an active rest day in between. You will not exercise but will engage in activities such as walking, hiking, sports, and so on. So, let’s get this party started:

Sooyoung’s workout consists of the following:


For the cardio workout, we’ll do an hour-long dance routine. This workout will help you burn a lot of fat and lose a lot of calories. It will also serve as the best cardio workout while also instructing you, as well as an exciting workout that will keep you motivated. Also, do this routine in the morning because we’ll do the other workout in the evening.


Many celebrities, including Jennie, Park Shin-hye, Rosé, and other Korean idols and actresses, practice Pilates. This workout should also be a part of every girl’s routine in order to achieve a lean body with flexibility and toned muscles. It’s also great for slimming your waistline by shaping your butt and working your core.

Sooyoung: Diet Plan

I saw that their group used to follow a diet that was said to be under 800 calories. However, one of the member’s sisters later stated that this was not the case. That’s why we don’t know Sooyoung’s exact diet, but I can still give you a diet that I’ve written for a number of K-pop idols and celebrities.

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