Deborah Joy Winans has always made headlines for all the right reasons. Her followers have recently praised her for yet another constructive action she has taken, notably losing weight and becoming a fitter version of herself.

We have to admit, the actress appears to be as as happy now as she was before she lost weight.

Weight Loss Before And After Photos

The lovely actress has long been known for promoting female empowerment around the world. She believes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and that body acceptance is about health rather than appearances. While she has the beauty, she has also been in the press recently for her health and fitness.

Winans lost the weight she had accumulated over the previous few years in 2019. Her before and after photos reveal a significant transformation in her appearance.

The actress now appears to be in better shape than before, and she has flaunted her attractiveness on the covers of magazines such as ‘Next Big Thing.’

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It’s Not Just About Losing Weight

Her beauty isn’t only based on her weight loss. To keep her skin looking as fantastic as her body, the actress maintains a strict skincare routine.

She revealed some of her skin secrets in an interview with Pride Magazine. She revealed that she prefers new skincare lines and that her distinctive style includes smokey eyes and blushes. She also takes exceptional care of her hair, which can be damaged by constant styling.

When asked what her top beauty advise for her fans is, she said that properly washing the skin is crucial. Before going to bed, make sure you’ve removed all of your makeup from the day.

She also enjoys pampering herself when she has the chance, despite being a busy bee most of the time. During her pampering sessions, she indulges in facials, manicures, pedicures, and shopping.

Her life’s mission is to empower women.

Winans is a member of the Winans family, a well-known gospel music family from Detroit, Michigan. She realized from a young age that as a member of a powerful family, she could utilize her position to benefit others. As a result, she made it a point to do so throughout her career. With the musical Born for This: The BeBe Winans Story, the 38-year-old actress makes her stage debut. She rose to prominence with the OWN series Greenleaf, in which she played Charity Greenleaf-Satterlee.

She has done voice-over work for various projects during her career, including the music CD The Sound and Kelly Price’s audiobooks. She’s also spoken at gatherings called ‘Women of Faith,’ where she empowers women.

Terrence Williams, an attorney, community leader, and owner of the football team ‘The West Michigan Ironmen,’ is the star’s husband. The couple has yet to have children. Winans is also a strong supporter of the ‘WV Foundation,’ which was founded by her husband. The foundation’s goal is to help poor children in West Michigan.

She also uses her celebrity to encourage her fans to take better care of themselves. She encouraged people to live healthy lives and not gain weight during the quarantine in a recent YouTube video.

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