Jennifer Coolidge, an American actress and comedian, has spoken out about dating younger guys. Furthermore, there are claims that the actress was secretly married to American comedian Chris Kattan.

Jennifer Coolidge’s Past Relationships With Younger Men

The American actress rose to prominence after playing Stifler’s mother in the first film in the American Pie franchise. After the movie, she began dating younger men for the next 10-15 years. The actress talked about her love relationships with younger guys in a 2013 interview with The Guardian.

“I dated younger men for the following 10, 15 years after that movie,” she told the publication.

She also admitted to being in a relationship at the time. She did not, however, reveal the identify of her partner. I’ve been dating someone for almost a year and a half now, and he’s a highly intelligent and amusing man. Also attractive. He’s pretty much everything.

Jennifer Coolidge Prefers Being a MILF to Being a Cougar

In the same interview, she discussed how she evolved into the Hollywood cougar stereotype. While she disagreed with the nomenclature of the parts she was playing—she preferred MILFs to cougars—she said that her iconic portrayal in American Pie made her an image of want for young people to this day.

She claimed it was a matter of perspective as to why she prefers MILFs to cougars. The term “cougar” implied that the woman was a predator on the lookout for young guys. MILF, on the other hand, signified that it was the “kids’ idea” and that she was appealing to them.

Young men who saw her in public would want their photo taken with her, but when she complied, they would quiver next to her.

She said, “I’m not sure if they believe I’m going to rip their clothes off or anything.”

Is Chris Kattan the husband of Jennifer Coolidge?

When it comes to the Legally Blonde actress’s dating life, many people have focused on her rumored romance with famed comedian Chris Kattan.

In 2001, the two were said to be related. The rumor mill initially stated that she and Kattan were just girlfriend-boyfriend, but these stories grew over time. Coolidge was married to Kattan, according to both netizens and media outlets.

Yep! Yes, you read that correctly. There were rumors circulating at the time that the couple exchanged vows in front of their closest friends and family in an intimate wedding ceremony. Apart from the fact that different venues on the internet spread the idea as public knowledge, there is virtually no evidence that this was the case.

Nothing can be established unless the actress reveals the facts herself. Reports about whether Kattan, who is ten years her junior, was her husband, boyfriend, or neither are just that: speculation.

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Jennifer Coolidge Loves Being Single

Despite having a long dating history and even a wedding rumor, Coolidge is currently unmarried. Her social media sites show no evidence of her dating anyone.

She also doesn’t have any children of her own.

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