Ruby Rose, the multi-talented actress from Orange Is The New Black, has almost fifty-seven tattoos on her body. The unicorn tattoo on her right thigh, which is by far her only leg tattoo, grabbed headlines among her tattoo collection.

Aside from her acting and tattoos, the Australian actress is known for Break Free, a cinematic tribute to gender fluidity that she uploaded on her YouTube account on July 15, 2014.

Tattoo of a Unicorn

Rose has a unicorn tattoo on her right leg with the word “Lauren” underneath it. She had this done in March 2012, according to Steal Her Style. The site considered the likelihood that the name belonged to one of her ex-boyfriends.

The actress’s unicorn tattoo made the news again on May 22, 2015, when she uploaded a photo of it on Facebook and intimated that she was about to have it removed. She informed admirers in the captions that the only tattoos she’d be removing were those that weren’t done properly in the first place.

The fact that her iconic unicorn tattoo was the subject of such a remark meant that she no longer liked it. She also expressed gratitude to LaserAway, the skincare professionals who assisted her in removing the ink.

Rose can be seen with her leg tattoo in the last photo from the sequence of photos she shared on Instagram on January 10, 2019, signaling her decision to stop the removal procedure in the middle.

Making the Decision to ‘Break Free’

Rose published the short film Break Free on July 15, 2014, based on the experiences of gender-fluid people like herself. Within a week of its publication, her short had racked up five million YouTube views and 200,000 Facebook fans.

The actress revealed it was autobiographical in an interview with The Guardian. She went on to say that as a child, she imagined herself as a boy. To limit the growth of her breasts, the actress admitted to binding them with ACE bandages and sleeping on her chest.

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Her mother pushed her to be more “feminine” while she was in her teens, until the actress had had enough. She shaved her head after that, intending to be whoever she wanted to be.

The actress stated that it caused her to be ridiculed and even physically assaulted by men on several occasions, forcing her to grow her hair and appear more feminine against her choice. Nonetheless, the actress shaved off her hair for good after joining MTV, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Her Most Recent Work

Rose announced her next film SAS Red Notice in Great Britain on Instagram on March 13, 2021. SAS Red Notice is an action thriller based on veteran SAS operator Andy McNab’s best-selling novel.

In an interview with Collider, the performer said that the film is a good time, with a narrative that “deals with things that are probably applicable to governments all over the world.”

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