Regulars at Bally Sports Midwest and followers of the St. Louis Cardinals can never get enough of Erica Weston’s upbeat demeanor. Because of this, the reporter’s announcement that she is departing Bally Sports Midwest surprised her fans.

For many, it’s a double blow as another beloved sports reporter recently left the area. Sports fans in St. Louis are quite curious about Weston departing the network. They are curious as to whether she will also be departing the city and where she would be traveling next. Here are Erica Weston’s comments regarding her departure from Bally Sports Midwest.

Exit of Erica Weston Midwest Bally Sports

Later, Erica Weston moved to Colorado after growing up in California. She was a professional cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Broncos as well as a former competitive dancer, which helped her pay for college at Colorado State University and Loyola Marymount University.

Weston established herself as a groundbreaking female sports reporter by fighting back against the critics who frequently ignore NFL cheerleaders. She worked in production for Los Angeles sports teams and hosted Dodgers programs.

In 2018, Weston moved to St. Louis, Missouri, after spending two years at the KGUN station in Tucson, Arizona. Being a Laker Girl, some didn’t think Weston would have much to offer the St. Louis sports media, but she quickly disproved their assumptions.

She did more than just conduct interviews and present pre-game shows as a reporter and anchor for Blues and Cardinals sportscasts. Weston’s skill with digital media helped her gain more recognition in the St. Louis sports scene.

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Fans were shocked when this excellent reporter said she will no longer be covering the Cardinals for Bally Sports Midwest. When she announced that she would soon be departing St. Louis and Missouri, they were equally disappointed.

The match on October 3 was Erica Weston’s final broadcast for Bally Sports. She underlined that she made the choice on her own, and she expressed her gratitude for St. Louis’ love and support. She says in her statement that Weston is returning to Los Angeles. She has not, however, formally accepted another employment offer.

The second sports reporter St. Louis has had to reluctantly say goodbye to recently is Erica Weston. In September, Ashali Vise moved to Las Vegas to cover the Golden Knights after five years of hosting Blues programming.

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