Everyone chastised Liam Payne after he made a statement about Zayn Malik on the Impaulsive podcast. Payne made fun of Gigi Hadid’s previous post, in which she referred to Malik as a “respectful king.” Before Malik’s reported incident with her mother, Yolanda Hadid, the Victoria’s Secret model tweeted.

The tweet, according to Payne, “didn’t age well.” He acknowledged to having a “dislike” for his former One Direction bandmate, but insisted that he would always support him.

To make matters worse, the vocalist of “Strip That Down” made remarks against Malik’s parents and background. This did not sit well with netizens, who responded with a flood of criticism on the Impaulsive’s YouTube episode’s comment section.

“Commenting on someone’s parents will never sit well with me… never okay.” And to say he’s the most successful… while riding a LOGAN PAUL,” one individual commented.


Liam Payne Issued an Apology for His Remarks on Zayn Malik

Payne apologized on Twitter on June 2, 2022 for what he said about his bandmate on Impaulsive. He added that he typically would not speak on such topics, but that he could not remain silent when it came to his family.

The singer stated that he responded to a “particular incident involving Zayn,” but after listening to the recording, he realized he had not defined himself well.

“I’ll say that we’ll always differ on some topics, but that I’ll always, always be on his side.” That’s what family is all about. “Zayn is my brother, and I will always stand with him,” Payne wrote on Twitter.

Some internet users were still enraged by his remarks and proceeded to slam him.

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“What you said, Liam, was incredibly disrespectful to Zayn, his family, and his personal life. You’re well aware that he’s a private individual, and you had no right to say such things about him. One person tweeted, “I thought you were better than that.”

While some were offended by Payne’s remarks, his ardent supporters rallied behind him. They pointed out that much of what he said on the podcast was taken out of context and not interpreted in the way he intended.

Zayn Malik’s Falling Out with One Direction Bandmates Malik has not reacted, but he has made numerous statements about his former bandmates, implying that they are not on speaking terms. He stated in January 2016 that he never wanted to be in the band but only joined when he was given the chance.

However, as he learned the band’s path, he felt it wasn’t for him and that he didn’t want to be a part of it. One Direction’s music, he stated, was “generic” and didn’t fit his aesthetic.

“Every time I suggested something, it was as if it didn’t fit us.” “There was simply a basic picture of what management wanted for the band that I wasn’t convinced with what we were selling,” he told Fader magazine.

Then, in 2017, Malik informed Billboard that he no longer communicates with his former bandmates.


By Meera