On June 19, 2022, Hollywire posted a video to TikTok alleging that Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes were having a difficult time. The publication claims that someone wrote to Deuxmoi to inquire about the progress of the filming between Cline and Stokes.

Deuxmoi retorted that they had heard that the two were having problems. After receiving information about the couple from followers, the source later released additional updates. One anonymous tipper reported hearing that while on set, the couple tried to stay as far away from one another as possible.

Another person related that the situation was so tight that Stokes said “I don’t know that is not my duty” when asked where Cline was. Now that there are allegations that Cline is moving on with Jackson Guthy, many suspect that Stokes may be irritated.

Many online users expressed concern that this would destroy the on-screen chemistry between Cline’s Sarah Cameron and Stokes’ John B in Outer Banks.

Breakup of Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes

After flirty remarks on each other’s images for weeks, the co-stars officially announced their romance in June 2020. Cats outta the bag, Stokes captioned a photo of them eating dinner on a beach while admiring the sunset. I’ve fallen and can’t get up, Cline stated while reposting the picture.

Then, in November, Cline used the L-word during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, admitting that their love was intense. She added that she was overjoyed to explore the Outer Banks with her “favorite person.”

The couple offered a tribute on Instagram as they commemorated their first anniversary in April 2021. A month later, they shared an onstage kiss to commemorate winning the Best Kiss prize at the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

Although everything with the two appeared to be going swimmingly, People announced the Netflix stars’ breakup in November 2021.
“Madelyn and Chase aren’t together anymore.” They were trying to resolve issues in private, but they split up a few months ago, a source informed the newspaper.

The pair’s breakup was verified by a second source to the media publication.

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Madelyn Cline Is Now With Jackson Guthy

Fans speculated the couple resumed their romance when they were seen holding hands in the advertising photographs for Outer Banks season 3 but the pair never officially confirmed their breakup. However, relationship allegations began to circulate in May 2022 after a viral TikTok video showed the actress attending a wedding with Guthy appearing to be her date.

He’s a singer and ex-boyfriend of Olivia Jade. The caption asked, “Wonder if he and Madelyn are dating or just friends? ”

I have it on very good authority that Madelyn Cline is dating Jackson Guthy, Deuxmoi said in response to reports, giving an anonymous tip via Instagram stories.

The post’s subject line read, “Wedding photos were a tip off,” as well. Further questions were raised when the pair was seen having a casual lunch together at Malibu Kitchen later in June. Guthy and Cline have not addressed these rumors as of now.

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