We live in a world ruled by the internet, and spam advertisements are commonplace. You’ve probably seen advertisements for fitness equipment, gadgets, clothes, shoes, diets, and medicines.

Receiving spam-like texts with questionable material is nothing new for some people. However, the content of the texts might occasionally be offensive. Actress Alana De La Garza experienced the same situation when she received a text that described her as “fat.”

Alana De La Garza is a Healthy Mother with Two Children

De La Garza has a son, Kieran Thomas Roberts (born September 28, 2010), and a daughter, Liv Elena Roberts, with her spouse Michael Roberts (born July 7, 2013). After giving birth to Kieran in November 2010, the Mexican actress spoke to Latina.com about her post-baby weight and the challenges she had in losing it.

You drop a lot of water weight at first, which is fantastic. ‘Oh, don’t I have wonderful ankles?’ you think. ‘Wow, I’m so skinny!’ or ‘Wow, I’m so skinny!’ Then you ask yourself, “What is that small layer around my waist?” in the mirror. UGH! In a nutshell, the way I’m coping with it is like fighting a war.

De La Garza also joked about chasing her husband around the neighborhood while he sat in the back of a pickup truck, clutching a fishing rod with a cheeseburger dangling from it, as a way for losing weight. On a more serious note, the FBI actress claimed that every other day she did 45 minutes of jogging and 30 minutes of Pilates.

De La Garza also discussed working out to unwind and have fun with Metmagny. She mentioned how she enjoyed practicing her lines while running on the treadmill. And, as one might expect from an actress who frequently plays powerful women in her profession, she now appears to be in excellent shape, with no signs of weight gain.

“Stop being overweight,” Alana Del La Graza was told

Last month, De La Garza got a bogus SMS telling her to “stop being overweight,” while also advertising a website that promised she would drop an incredible 80 pounds in just six weeks.

All types of responses flooded the post when she shared a screenshot of this phrase. A few people even revealed their past experiences with receiving similar texts. “…I get that as well,” one person said. By the way, you’re not even close to being overweight.” “Next, they’ll send you an SMS offering acting classes,” another user, @gregg4th, remarked. Both are nonsense. You’re fantastic!!”

How do Spam Texts Track Us Down?

Texts similar to the one De La Garza got are constantly circulated. They’re frequently worded in a way that makes individuals aware of themselves.

In some circumstances, you may be receiving these SMS and emails from a friend or someone you know. These spam emails are most likely sent from stolen accounts in order to dupe individuals into thinking the texts came from someone they know in order to sell them something.

These spam texts offer unachievable results in order to persuade you to purchase things that do not live up to their promises. In these cases, the best thing to do is ignore the texts because they are nothing more than misleading promises meant to advertise things, or, as De La Garza suggests, share it with your friends for a laugh.

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By Meera