The Good Doctor on ABC has long been a favorite among viewers. Despite adjustments to the show since it debuted in September 2017, it has continually received positive ratings and reviews from viewers.

The casting process is one of the show business developments that will inevitably occur. The cast of The Good Doctor has changed frequently over the years, just like that of every other show.

The same is true for 2022, when the program’s sixth season will begin. There have been a few exits for season 6, but just one has been officially confirmed.

In 2022, who will be leaving The Good Doctor?

Let’s begin with the confirming candidate. Dr. Mateo Rendón Osma was represented on the show by Osvaldo Benavides, who left in 2022. Despite the fact that the fifth season of the show ended in May 2022, his exit might be considered to have occurred in 2022.

When Shaun Murphy, played by Freddie Highmore, and the team fly to Guatemala for a mission, Benavides makes his first appearance on the program as a local surgeon. He then connected with Dr. Audrey Lim, played by Christina Chang.

Dr. Claire Browne was played by Antonia Thomas until the end of season four, when she left the role to make place for Benavides to join the cast as a regular. In the first episode of season 5, Osma traveled to San Jose to pursue a romantic relationship with Lim.

Osma was taken on a trial basis by Lim at St. Bonaventure. The character’s future at the hospital was questioned as the season went on because of his prior legal troubles. Benavides’ departure from the program was originally announced by TVLine. At the time, neither ABC nor Benavides or Sony Pictures Television released any statements regarding the departure.

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In 2022, who might quit The Good Doctor?

It makes sense to bring up Christina Chang as a prospective exit after discussing Benavides’ departure and his character’s romance with Chang. Everyone was uncertain about Chang’s future on the show after the season five finale.

In the epilogue, Lim was ambushed and stabbed while attempting to aid Villanueva, another character. With then, the show came to an end, leaving everyone to ponder whether the injured doctor would be discovered in time.

This might be Chang’s last appearance on the program as Lim might pass away from her injuries. The show is not unfamiliar with dramatic, unexpected cast departures. However, it was also impossible.

It will be a long wait for everyone since season six filming has already begun without any air dates being determined.

Dr. Morgan Reznick, portrayed by Fiona Gubelmann, is another character on the show who is facing a professional crossroads. Reznick received an incredible job offer in the season five finale that would force her to leave St. Bonaventure and move to New York.

In May 2022, the show’s executive producer, David Shore, attempted to allay everyone’s concerns. While not immediately losing Gubelmann, he told TVLine that Reznick’s job choice might have a significant impact on her relationship with her partner, Dr. Alex Park.

The program might quickly lose two characters and two cast members if Reznick accepts the New York position and takes Park with her. All of these reports merely add to the already-existing rumors around Richard Schiff’s potential departure from the program.

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