After his year-long romance with Clifton Dussancao ended, American television star Andy Cohen went on with his life. After that, did the Real Housewives of New York City executive date John Mayer?

Learn about his ex-boyfriend, current relationship, parenthood, and son!

Anderson Cooper’s Messed Chance

Cohen had the opportunity to date, Anderson Cooper, in the past.

Cohen, on the other hand, inquired about Cooper’s famed fashion designer mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, during their first official set-up phone meeting. Cooper was irritated by this. So much so that he opted not to go on with his date because she had broken his cardinal rule: no mention of his famous mother on dates.

Clifton Dassuncao

In 2015, Cohen began dating Harvard graduate Clifton Dassuncao. They met in Boston in March 2015, on the first night of Cohen’s AC2 tour with CNN pal Anderson Cooper. But their romance finally became public after media outlets sighted them three times in 2016 on Barry Diller’s $150 million yacht Eos for two Caribbean vacations.

They were seen resting on a beach in the first gateway. Before packing up to return to their home, Cohen was reading literature while wearing his ‘blue shades.’

In 2016, Andy and his then-boyfriend, Dussancao, sunbathe on a Caribbean beach. Finally, the New Yorker confirmed his connection with his boyfriend in 2016.

In his 2016 biography, Superficial: More Adventures From the Andy Cohen Diaries, he referred to Clifton Dassuncao as “Brazilian Andy Samberg.” In an exclusive interview with ETOnline, he also confessed that his lover gives him butterflies.

Why Did Andy Cohen and Clifton Dussancao End Their Relationship?

Everything was great for Andy and Clifton for a while, but then things changed. Andy and his environmental epidemiologist partner broke up after a few months of dating, with Andy implying that they couldn’t work out their differences.

Cohen told Entertainment Tonight in March 2018 that he was single, but he didn’t say why his relationship with Dussancao ended. ‘I didn’t sign up for a reality show,’ he said, emphasizing that he didn’t want reality show drama in his personal life. While Andy remained tight-lipped about his separation, he did identify the attributes he sought in his ideal mate. “, he explained.

Someone who is very reliant on others and has their own agenda. Perhaps someone who has never seen The Real Housewives… I mean, I’m sure I could go on… Yes, it is exactly what I am looking for.

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Have You Ever Had A Relationship With John Mayer?

Some speculated that Andy and American musician John Mayer had something going on because of their “unlikely bond.” They traveled the world together and were seen several times in public together.

In a 2018 interview with CNN, Cohen clarified that they were not dating and that they were just close friends who shared a passion for travel.
Has a Child

Benjamin Allen Cohen is the son of a New York native. Cohen’s son was born on February 4, 2019, through a surrogate mother from California and is named after his grandfather. Cohen originally revealed his decision to use surrogacy on the late-night talk show Watch What Happens Live on December 20, 2018.

He revealed that he would be a father in around six weeks and stated that he has wanted to experience parenthood for a long time. He also stated that family was vital to him, and that having his own was something he had yearned for his entire life.

“If all goes according to plan, in about six weeks, I’ll become a father thanks to a wonderful surrogate who is carrying my future,” he says. “After many years of careful deliberation, a fair amount of prayers, and the benefit of science, if all goes according to plan, in about six weeks, I’ll become a father thanks to a wonderful surrogate who is carrying my future.”

Cohen revealed the gender of his child for the first time on CNN’s special new year’s eve show on December 31, 2018. He said it was a boy and he couldn’t wait to see his son while hosting the event with his best friend Anderson Cooper.

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