Angel Brinks, a fashion designer, had a string of failed romances and even suffered a heartbreak. She finally put an end to her erratic behavior by drawing the curtains for her new partner.

Angel Brinks is best known for her role in the American reality television series Basketball Wives LA, which aired on VH1 in August 2011 and continued for four seasons.

Angel Brinks’ Bio, Age, Career 

Angel Brinks was born on October 19, 1982, into an Armenian-Italian household. She’d always wanted to be a designer since she was a child. Her family was not particularly supportive of her desire to pursue a career in fashion and would always encourage her to pursue a career in medicine or law.

The 35-year-old designer would shop for things at thrift stores and stitch them together with her grandmother’s sewing machine. Angel continued to flout her parents’ wishes, sneaking away to take dancing classes on a regular basis. When she became a background dancer for Jennifer Lopez, she got a step closer to realizing her ambition.

In 2010, Angel pursued her ambition of working in the fashion industry, and it wasn’t long until she was a huge hit and had her own fashion brand.

Angel is now a professional fashion designer with a fashion brand named ‘Angel Brinks’ that has been in operation for seven years. Celebrities such as Blac Chyna and Amber Rose have already worn her creations.

Angel Brinks’ astronomically high net worth

Angel Brinks is said to have a net worth of $500,000, according to sources. Angel has amassed a sizable fortune by selling her creations through her fashion label. Some of her designs are affordable to non-celebrities, while others are quite expensive.

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She also made a substantial amount of money in the fourth and fifth seasons of the reality television show Basketball Wives LA.

Angel Brinks’ Husband: A Surprising Death

Brinks was previously married, which frequently goes unnoticed. She only mentioned her husband on Twitter in 2016, when she broke the news of his death. Angel’s husband, a rapper, killed himself while she was nine months pregnant. There hasn’t been any detailed information released on why he did it.

Angel did, however, give birth to a baby named Azari while grieving her husband’s untimely death. Her family was there for her during a difficult moment and advised her to concentrate on her baby. While her son was growing up, she was cautious and inquired about his paternity.

However, Azari was soon given a father role when Angel brought another man into her life.

Tyreke Evans, Angel Brinks’ former NBA boyfriend, is a new father

Angel let go of the shackles of her past and discovered love again when she began dating NBA player Tyreke Evans after going through a difficult period. Angel’s appearance on Basketball Wives LA was made possible by her relationship with Tyreke. Because of their on-again, off-again romance, many people mocked Angel, even calling her a gold-digger.

In 2014, they welcomed a baby girl into the world, whom they called Amani. They later divorced, but because of their daughter, they remained on friendly terms. Tyreke has never uploaded a single picture of Amani on any social media platforms, implying that she lives with her mother.

Amani and her older brother, Azari, are extremely close, and Azari adores his younger sister. Angel enjoys dressing her son and daughter in the most original and beautiful outfits. She even named a children’s apparel company after her daughter.

Angel let the world know about her current boyfriend on Instagram in August 2018, while she was parenting two children on her own.

Angel Brinks’ New Devoted Boyfriend, Jackie Long

Things were looking up for Angel when another exciting opportunity presented itself, and she announced her new partner on Instagram. Angel is dating actor-comedian Jackie Long, and their relationship has received a lot of love from Angel’s followers.

Jackie Long adores Angel, and many have shown their admiration for the couple in the comments section.

Angel seemed to be considering remaining committed to her current lover and providing her children with a complete family.

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Angel Brinks Welcomes Her Third Child

Brinks has now broken up with Long and moved on to a new long-term relationship. In fact, she and her new partner, RoccStar, welcomed their second child on November 13, 2021. The pair announced their engagement on Instagram in a series of stories.

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