Atz Kilcher, an American TV celebrity, is his family’s guardian against the harsh Alaskan winter. The 70-year-old actor, musician, and novelist spent the majority of his childhood on Homer Homeland in Alaska’s wilderness, but eventually reinvented himself as an athlete, cowboy, parent, and grandparent.

The television personality is most known for starring in the Emmy Award-winning American reality show “Alaska: The Last Frontier.” He is most known as the father of Jewel, a pop singer and composer.

Kilcher’s other avatar depicts him as a published author, as he released “Son of a Midnight Land,” a memoir, in 2018. The autobiographical book is a self-reflection and depiction of his life, the sorrow he has experienced, and the accomplishments he has made.

Atz and Jewel, a father-daughter duo, have wowed audiences with their on-stage performances together on numerous occasions. We’ve prepared a list of wikis about him for our readers, including information on his early life, age, children, net worth, and family.

Atz Kilcher’s Early Life, Age, And Family

Atz Kilcher was born in Alaska on September 2, 1947. Yule Kilcher, an Alaska pioneer, was his father, and Ruth Weber was his mother. In the late 1930s, they both moved to Alaska from Switzerland. He was the oldest of the family’s eight children.

His mother home-schooled him as a child, where he acquired singing and survival skills. His childhood was not idyllic, as he grew up in the Alaskan tundra. He made’music and storytelling’ his buddies, which aided him in his development and helped him through difficult times.

First Wife And Children Of Atz Kilcher

Lenedra Carroll, an Alaska native, was his wife. Lenedra has worked as a manager for her star daughter Jewel, as well as being a performer and author. His first wife’s identity is a closely guarded secret.

Shane Kilcher, Atz Lee, and Jewel Kilcher, a world-renowned pop star, are their three children. They divorced in 1982 after reports surfaced that Atz was having extramarital affairs with other women.

Now Married To Second Wife

Bonnie Dupree Atz Kilcher is married to Bonnie Dupree Kilcher, who is part of the “Alaska: The Last Frontier” reality TV cast. The pair met in Alaska and does not have any children of their own. Bonnie, on the other hand, already had two children before marrying Atz: Hannah Schwiesow and Karl Schwiesow, both of whom Atz fathered after Bonnie married him.

Narvel Blackstock & Laura Stroud, Ex-Bestfriend; Wife’s Children Don’t Object; Narvel Blackstock & Laura Stroud, Ex-Bestfriend; Wife’s Narvel Blackstock & Laura Stroud, Ex-Bestfriend Wife’s Atz also fathered Nikos Kilcher, the Kilcher clan’s least well-known member, who was born through one of his dubious relationships.

Atz Kilcher’s Huge Net Worth: Sources of Income

Atz Kilcher is reported to have a whopping $7 million in total net worth. The former Alaskan farmer is one of the show’s highest-paid cast members (Alaska: The Last Frontier). He frequently performs live music, sometimes with his daughter Jewel, at various events.

However, the majority of his net wealth is derived from his father’s property, which he inherited. In addition, the Kilcher family owns 613 acres of land in Alaska.

Atz Kilcher As a Family Guy and Family Protector

The patriarch of the Kilcher family clan is Atz Kilcher. His beginnings were low, devoid of adequate education, and he settled in the middle of Alaska’s wilderness. He now lives a sustainable and easygoing lifestyle, as depicted in the ‘The Last Frontier’ series.

Atz Kilcher is a multi-talented and skilled individual. Atz continues to strive to push himself and create a legacy for people to remember him by. The TLF star is a proud father who adores his children. Despite his advanced age, he feels he is still the family’s guardian until his death separates him from his family.


Thanksgiving Was Taken To A New Level By Atz Kilcher And His Family

Atz and his family celebrated Thanksgiving away from the homestead in an episode of Alaska The Last Frontier that aired on November 18, 2018. Thanksgiving is a passed-down tradition in most families, and since the Kilchers are no exception, each member of the family brought something unique to offer at the dinner table.

Atz’s kid had been attacked by a predator while building a bridge in the backwoods the week before, and Otto Kilcher’s hay season had nearly come to an end when a broken tractor forced him to become creative.

Returning to the subject of Thanksgiving, Atz and his family constructed their own trestle table for the large family gathering. While discussing the table he planned to create, he had been busy gluing together long pieces of lumber in an attempt to make a larger trestle table to hold the entire family.

Because this is a trestle table, instead of four legs, there are just two small walls, one at each end… When it’s all put together, you put the trestle in between them to keep them from swaying. It’s really cool!

After a long period of making and designing, the heirloom quality of the table was finally complete, and Shane even went so far as to claim that the table will become part of their family legend. That is without a doubt the case.


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