Since he began his acting career decades ago, Byron Mann has become one of the more well-known Hong Kong locals in Hollywood. The actor is most known for playing Ryu in the 1994 action film Street Fighter alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme and Ral Juliá.

Since then, his name has featured alongside renowned performers like Richard Gere, Chow Yun-Fat, Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, and Lucy Liu on several Hollywood credit lines. The actor’s rise to fame in Hollywood has been the subject of much discussion, but his personal life has received much less attention.

Fans have been curious about him despite the fact that he is absolutely private about his interactions with his spouse or partner.

Is Byron Mann wed to a spouse or partner?

Despite the interest of fans in the actor’s marital status, very little to nothing suggests a relationship. Regarding Mann’s relationship, there are no reports, and he also avoids bringing it up in interviews.

His love life is not immediately apparent from a quick scan through his Instagram feed, which is mostly made up of his work. However, the actor revealed in 2015 that his prior relationship was the reason why he began performing in an interview with The Press of Atlantic City.

He claimed to have applied to UCLA Los Angeles with his then-girlfriend, but only he was accepted, according to the outlet. Even though Mann was hesitant to relocate, he did so nonetheless and settled in Los Angeles.

Because the actor majored in philosophy, he had plenty of free time because all he had to do was read and ponder. The actor watched movies because he had plenty of free time.

actors, producers, and directors (visited the school). I imagined how awesome it would be to be able to do this for a living. Hollywood would be simply too far away if I attended college in Ohio or Rhode Island. But I was present, and contacting an agent only required a phone call. My life was changed by that girlfriend, the actor said.

Although Mann is no longer seeing that woman, it was she who helped him begin his Hollywood career.

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Byron Mann regretted not spending more money on relationships

The actor achieved success in Hollywood by working hard and with devotion. He acknowledged that it would have been good to have a girlfriend and a family, but wished that he had prioritized relationships more than work.

Finding a partner and starting a family would be lovely. I’ve seen it and done it because of my career. There is more to life than the tasks I still have to complete. Life has different dimensions, the actor observed.

The actor told Lifestyle Asia that he doesn’t have any regrets in life. He would rather be alone than be with someone only for the sake of being with them, when asked if he would rather to never be alone for a single minute or be alone for the rest of his life.

Hopefully, Mann will open up more about his romantic history and potential partners in the future.

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