Erika Delgado is best known as the weekend morning meteorologist at WSVN. She was voted as the favorite Miami-based weathercaster, helping Florida residents start the day with up-to-date weather information delivered with clarity.

She previously worked as a weather forecaster for news organizations such as WCSH, WSI, and WTVJ.

Bio of Erika Delgado

Erika Delgado (unknown age) is a South Florida native who celebrates her birthday on April 4th every year. Her birthday comes on National Hug A Newsperson Day, and whether it’s a coincidence or not, she receives a lot of hugs on that day for two reasons.

She has been a weather fanatic since she was a child, and her fascination and curiosity grew after Hurricane Andrew hit her city. She begged her father to make little holes in the window so she could witness the storm throughout the hurricane as a little child with supportive parents. And, after witnessing the devastation caused by the storm, she resolved to research meteorology to warn others of impending disasters.

She stuck to her guns and obtained a degree in the same subject. Florida International University awarded her a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She then went on to Mississippi State University to get a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Meteorology and a Master’s degree in Geosciences.

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Find out how much Erika Delgado makes as a meteorologist for WSVN

The determined weather enthusiast began her career as a freelance meteorologist for WCSH, a local news station in Portland.

She then went on to work for WSI in Boston as a bi-lingual on-air meteorologist. While working in Boston, she was able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the country’s weather by covering cities from coast to coast.

With all of her knowledge, she was able to achieve great success in her career. She became a weekend morning meteorologist for NBC6 News affiliate WTVJ in 2013. She now works as a meteorologist for WSVN in Florida, where she covers the weather.

She is expected to earn an average salary of $94,744 as a WSVN meteorologist in Florida.

Is Erika Delgado still single or married?

This radiant beauty’s love life is a closed book waiting to be opened, as she is also known as Miami’s hottest female reporter. Her Instagram is also set to private, so we don’t get any insider information about her personal life. However, her Twitter account is set to public, giving us a glimmer of hope that we might learn more about her life outside of work.

It’s clear from one of her tweets from 2014 that she is a fan of Johnny Depp and was disappointed to learn of his engagement. In the same year, she also shared a throwback photo of herself and her future mother-in-law baking baklava. And the future mother-in-law who has been tagged belongs to a Greek family!

This suggested that her future husband, whom she may marry, is a Greek. We might as well hear about their possible wedding if they’re still together!

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