Alicia Acuna, a well-known anchor and news reporter, is a diligent woman whose life was turned upside down when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. She didn’t give up hope, though, and remained at her husband’s side through thick and thin.

Alicia Acuna is an American journalist who works for the FOX News Network’s Denver bureau as a general assignment reporter.

Alicia Acuna of FOX News breaks down the connection between North Korea and the United States in July 2018, following Kim Jong Un’s release of the remains of 55 US troops slain during the Korean War.

She was a weekday anchor and reporter for KSEE-TV in Fresno, California, before joining FOX. She also worked as a weekend anchor for KGET-TV (NBC) in Bakersfield, where she anchored the 5 p.m. newscast. And newscasts at 11 p.m.

Biography of Alicia Acuna

Reporter Alicia Boyd, who celebrates her birthday on May 27, was born in Arizona, United States of America, as Alicia Boyd. She graduated from Tucson High Magnet School in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree. In 1993, she received her bachelor’s degree in journalism and broadcasting from Northern Arizona University.

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Alicia In 1997, he joined Fox News

Alicia Acuna’s career took off once she joined Fox News Channel (FNC) in 1997, a year after it was founded. She was an important part of FNC’s political coverage. She covered the inaugural Presidential debate at the University of Denver in Colorado in 2012, as well as the 2008 Denver Democratic Convention. She has worked as a general assignment reporter for Fox News since then, located in the Denver bureau.

In 2017, she marked her 20th anniversary with Fox News, and she is widely considered as one of the network’s top correspondents. Because of her precise reporting and no-nonsense correspondence, the media personality has been a regular on FOX. Not only that, but her insightful dissection of current events has earned her a place in the media sector.

As a news anchor for the FOX news network, she earns a yearly income of $63K. Because she has been a member of FOX for so long, her net worth is undeniably large and heavily influenced by her earnings from the news network.

Alicia Acuna is married to a cancer survivor

Alicia is a strong wife and loving mother in addition to being a professional and determined reporter. Brian Daniel Boyd, her long-time boyfriend, is the love of her life. Alicia’s husband is a cancer survivor, despite the fact that the facts of their pre-marriage relationship and wedding remain private. In 2009, he was diagnosed with the condition.

She celebrated her partner’s nine years of cancer-free health by uploading a collage with him on May 5, 2018. Today is my beautiful hubby, Brian Boyd’s, NINTH BIRTHDAY, Alicia wrote. I’ve been cancer-free for nine years. Your daily routine resembles that of a warrior. God, family, and friends, all of whom have played a part, are to be praised for your sustained strength. I’m in love with you.

She had given her husband similar wishes in 2017 and the year before, referring to them as his eighth and seventh birthdays, respectively, in honor of his successful cancer struggle.

Alicia has a tight relationship with her children and family members, in addition to her spouse.

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Alicia Acuna and her husband Brian have two children

Alicia has two children with her husband, Brian, from their previous marriage. In April 2004, Alicia and her husband brought their first child, Sofia, into the world. Their family happiness was enriched two years later when their son Mario was born in September 2006.

Alicia uses social media to show her love for her two children, and she never forgets to wish her 14-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son happy birthdays. She also publishes images of her family on a regular basis and expresses her love for them.

In 2016, she wished her mother and two children a happy Mother’s Day by posting an Instagram photo of the three of them. In March 2017, Sarah took a road trip with her family to the Colorado Welcome Center in Julesburg. Since 2012, she has lived in Pueblo, Colorado with her family.

Alicia’s Instagram account is currently set to private, so we can’t see personal updates about her life, but we’re confident she lives a great life with her family. She is very active on Twitter, where she posts and retweets about various news and political matters.

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