Jim Avila, a 61-year-old television journalist, did not have the best of health. One of his family members stepped up as a donor when physicians advised him that he required a kidney transplant as soon as possible.

Jim Avila is an American television journalist who works for ABC News as a senior law and justice correspondent. From White House correspondents, he received the prestigious Merriman medal for breaking the news that the US and Cuba had resumed diplomatic ties. He even assisted KNBC in winning the Golden Mike Award in 1995 and the Emmy Award in 1996.

He’s also covered a lot of ground, from Micheal Jackson to OJ Simpson. He even led reporting on immigration, which required him to travel to the southern border multiple times to chronicle the stories of immigrants.

Jim Avila is a writer who lives in Los Angeles. He has devoted more than three decades of his life to his profession

Jim began his career as a managing editor at KCBS Radio in San Francisco in 1973 and rose through the ranks to become a chief Beaure. From 1976 until 1980, he worked as a weekend anchor.

He also worked for ABC-owned station WLS as a general assignment reporter until 1984. Following that, he joined WNBM-TV as a political reporter and anchor, covering topics of local, national, and worldwide importance in a variety of sectors.

From 1994 to 1996, he worked for KNBC as an anchor and investigative reporter. And, on average, since 1997, Avila has done 130 reports on the Nightly News, the most number of broadcasts for a minority.

Since January 2000, he has been the Nightly News’ National Correspondent, covering a wide range of topics. Avila was a Chicago Bureau correspondent before becoming National Correspondent, where he covered high-profile incidents such as the killings in Colorado, Arkansas, and Kentucky. From 2012 to 2016, Avila even covered the White House.

Jim Avila was inspired by his father, Jim Simon

Jim has always stated that his father, Jim Simon, a veteran radio announcer, was his greatest influence in his decision to pursue journalism as a career. His brothers, ABC news reporter Chris Simon, NBC news reporter Jay Avila, and Tom Avila, a former Fox-TV news assignment editor, all followed in their father’s footsteps.

As a budding journalist, he looked up to his father, who had excelled in the industry to the point of receiving a title of his own: ‘Father of Talk Radio.’ Unfortunately, his father died of a stroke in 1995 at the age of 61. If he hadn’t discovered a rescuer to offer him a new life after being diagnosed with kidney failure, he could have followed his father for this subject.

Jim Avila Won’t Say Family; Leave The Wife Alone!

When it comes to his personal life, the Glenbard East High School alum has been tight-lipped about his personal life. He does, however, have five brothers, the youngest of whom, Jaie Avila, is well-known in the media.

When it comes to his personal life, Jim, who was born in 1956, has three children: Jamie, Jenny, and Evan, whose mothers’ identities are still unknown. Whether it’s through social media or interviews, the father of three has never mentioned his wife.

Health has cheated Jim Avila; find a donor or die!

After suffering from renal failure and needing to find a donor as quickly as possible, this 62-year-old reporter’s health became a major concern. In 2017, Jim was told that he had kidney failure and that his kidneys were only functioning at roughly 14 percent due to his diabetes.

Furthermore, physicians told him that he needed a new kidney right now and that he had no chance of getting one.


Jim Tracks Down His Donar; It’s One Of His Family Members

Jim’s only other alternative was to undergo dialysis, which he refused to do. Finding a donor who was a perfect match was a “huge race.” In an April 2018 interview with TVNewser, he remarked: ‘And then approximately three months ago, they said, ‘You need it right now.’ There had been a shift. I had three months to find a donor and obtain a transplant, or else I’d have to start dialysis.

But, as Jim’s brother Jaie Avila was the closest match, he quickly found his ideal mate. And when his brother consented to give his kidney, there was a gleam of hope. Jim went on to say:

And I had the impression that karma is real. All of the excellent things I’ve tried to do in my life have come to fruition. I made an effort to be a decent father and brother. My father, who was something of a patriarch, died twenty years ago. Jaie has given me an incredible present.

On April 11, 2018, Jim underwent the operation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The brothers were released from the hospital on April 17th, 2018 after a successful transplant. With that, Jim sent a tweet to Jaie expressing his gratitude for everything he had done for him.

Jim Avila is now recovering from his transplant surgery and looking forward to returning to work once his doctors have given him the all-clear.