Stephanie Ramos has excelled in her professional careers as a writer and an army officer. Surprisingly, Stephanie also has a happy marriage with her ideal husband.

Stephanie Ramos is a well-known journalist who rose to popularity after working as a correspondent for ABC News. She served as a first Lieutenant in Iraq while continuing her profession as a journalist, and was awarded many decorations for her outstanding service.

Stephanie previously worked as an anchor and reporter for KMBC in Kansas City, where she was known for her coverage of undocumented children apprehended crossing the border from Mexico.

Stephanie’s Career and Net Worth: A Sneak Peek

Stephanie Ramos, who was born on January 24, lives with her family in Kansa City’s Northland. As a child, she aspired to be a teacher and a singer in New York City. Her first job was working as a cashier at Hollywood Video. Stephanie began her career at ABC News as an intern in 2000. She joined the team as an anchor and reporter from KMBC in Kansas City in 2012.

She served as a first Lieutenant in Iraq and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, and Global War on Terrorism Medal for her efforts.

Stephanie is currently employed as a correspondent for ABC News Network, where she earns a substantial income. She probably amassed significant net worth over her career, which is currently being assessed.

Stephanie’s Perfect Husband and Flawless Married Life

Managing time between family and career becomes stress-free when you have a caring and understanding partner by your side. This is also true for this amazing journalist, whose understanding husband, Emio Tomeoni, supports her not just in her personal life but also in her professional endeavors.

On September 5, 2010, they tied the knot in their wedding. The Lieutenant has been married to her adoring partner for over seven years. On her special day in September 2017, the correspondent couldn’t help but share wedding photos from the finest day of her life on Instagram to commemorate their seven-year anniversary. She dedicated the snapshot to her hubby with a nice caption. All I wanted to do when we took this picture…. minutes after saying ‘I Do’ was re-live our wedding ceremony,’ she wrote. The only future I could think about was whether the cellist would be ready when we arrived at the reception. There were so many things we didn’t know…. yet seeing at those two people today, 7 years later, is incredible. As our 6-year-old continues to yell my name “momma”… “momma”… as our 2-year-old dumps a large bucket of legos on our spotless living room floor…. I’m overjoyed with how we’ve evolved over the last seven years. #anniversary

The couple is the proud parents of two children. On March 14, 2011, they welcomed their first baby, Xavier, a year after their wedding. While Stephanie was at work, her husband Emio recorded his day at home with their kid, and the video Home With Dada became viral in 2013.

Stephanie also announced in 2014 that she was expecting their second child. Their second son, whose name and birth details are still unknown, arrived in their lives shortly after in 2015.

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Follow Stephanie’s Relaxed Married Life on Instagram

She enjoys snuggling up with her boys and watching one of their favorite shows or playing with their beloved trains in her spare time, as well as cracking jokes with her husband.

Stephanie doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing pictures of her loving spouse and sons on social networking sites. She frequently tweets photos of her sons, ranging from casual times to their first day of school.

She also tweeted a photo of herself reading a Rhiannon Ally book to her sons called Mommy, Please Don’t Go To Work. And she shared her thoughts on the book, publicly appreciating Wendy Leach’s artwork. Her children reportedly enjoyed it and learned about how “mamas work in a variety of vocations.”

Stephanie is a mom who knows how to manage her time for her kids and family despite her hard profession, so the book must have resonated with her. She has done everything so far, and she will continue to be a role model for her sons.

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