Oliver Peck, a tattoo artist, had a terrible history before deciding to turn his life around and pursue a profession in tattooing. He prefers to keep his tattoos to a minimum. The 47-year-old Texas native is most recognized for his role as a judge on the Ink Master reality show. His marriage to Kat Von D also helped him gain notoriety.

For the benefit of our readers, we’ve put up a few wikis on Oliver, including his tattoos, facts on his married life with his ex-wife, and his net worth.

Oliver Peck: Bio

Oliver was born on July 29, 1971, in Texas, United States, and began drawing and painting at a young age. He was anything but ordinary. He’d go to any class he wanted at school, and his skating skills got him into trouble with the school’s football squad, who grew envious of him taking all the limelight.

As a result, during his adolescent years, he began to cultivate a loner attitude, which pushed him farther into drug addiction. He was eventually apprehended by the law and imprisoned. He resolved to change his life after serving a prison sentence for narcotics trafficking. He went so far as to start working on a conveyable factory. Around this period, he developed an interest in tattooing.

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With money borrowed from addict friends, Oliver Peck built a tattoo empire

With ink spilled from a broken pen, he inked his first piece on his own leg when he was 17 years old. However, he lacked the necessary tools and funds to pursue his growing enthusiasm for tattooing. His artistic ambitions were further hampered by the fact that he lacked prior instruction and had never visited a tattoo parlor.

Despite his flaws, he was able to earn enough money to purchase the essential equipment with the support of his friends. Oliver tattooed them all in exchange for their marijuana money.

Oliver’s professional career, on the other hand, would not begin until he met Stell, the proprietor of the Pair-O-Dice tattoo shop, who took him under his wing and professionally taught him.


Oliver Peck’s Business Achievements Contribute to a Respectable Net Worth

He runs two tattoo studios: True Tattoo in Los Angeles and Elm Street Tattoo in Austin, Texas.

He has a net worth of $500 thousand thanks to his profits from True and Elm Street, as well as appearances on television.
According to his TV appearance, his famous reputation grew as a result of his role as a judge on Ink Master, a reality show in which tattoo artists compete in tasks set by judges and visitors.

He had a health emergency in Season 9 of Ink Master. He was nowhere to be found when the show aired, despite being prominently featured in the episode’s promo. It was later discovered that he had died of a heart attack. However, the Texas native’s first television appearance was on the American reality show Miami Ink, where he paid a visit to his then-wife Kat Von D.

Peck, Oliver Kat Von D is a married woman. In the year 2003, Oliver married Kat Von D, one of the most known faces in the tattoo world, in 2003 when he was 32 years old. They had a daughter as a couple. Unfortunately, their marriage terminated in 2007 after only four years.

Many people blamed his ex-wife Kat’s extramarital affair for the breakdown of their marriage. On the other side, Oliver was adamant about the adultery accusation, blaming it instead on his ex-drinking wife’s habits.

He told the Touch Press after their divorce in 2010:

Kat had gotten to the point where she was drinking until she puked every day. She’d be rambling and occasionally disruptive. While Kat, his ex-wife, has gone on to date a slew of celebrities since their divorce, Oliver has moved on from his toxic relationship with Kat as well. Audra Cabral, the owner of Audra Cabral, is his current girlfriend.

Oliver Peck’s Signature Tattoo Style Is As American As It Gets

Texas, who is 47 years old, prefers to keep things simple. His tattoos are more conventional in style than neo-traditional, which incorporates prominent linework and brilliant colors. Sierra Kusterbeck, an American singer/songwriter who has a traditional-style heart and banner tattoo by Oliver on her left ankle, termed him “some of the best individuals.”

One may sense a proper blend of the American spirit and the current spirit in his paintings, with plainly apparent context. Oliver’s tattoos have a timeless character thanks to his unique blend of numerous styles while remaining classic.


By Meera