In an interview with Glamour, American journalist Sara Sidner expressed gratitude to her husband, mother, and girlfriends for supporting her during the COVID-19 outbreak.

During a live feed, Sidner collapsed

.On January 12, 2021, while reporting live from California on bereaved families, the CNN reporter fell down in tears. She was reporting on the pandemic’s disproportionate effects, particularly in Black and Latino communities.

Juliana Jimenez Sesma, a South L.A. resident, was the focus of the report, who lost her mother and stepfather in the period of eleven days. Due to a lack of suitable morgue facilities in L.A., Sesma’s mother’s funeral was held in a parking lot.

This was the tenth hospital that the reporter had visited, and she had reached her breaking point. Looking at the bereaved families and the distressing number of deaths took its toll on her, and she fell into tears in front of the camera.

Sidner fought back tears as she stated that this scenario was not acceptable and that no family should be in this condition.


The 48-year-old reporter admitted in an interview with Glamour that she couldn’t feign or pretend that everything was OK. She claimed she couldn’t hold herself together any longer because of her wrath about the pandemic — and the ensuing rioting.

Sidner claimed that she cursed after the live show, releasing all of her rage. The rules about not displaying emotions or allowing others to watch her cry were thrown out the window. She expressed surprise at her inability to maintain her composure.

Alisyn Camerota, Sidner’s co-host, was more understanding. She reassured the reporter that she had done nothing wrong and thanked her for her thorough reporting.

Values of Sidner Friendship And Family Support

Sidner has traveled to Afghanistan and Libya on various news missions. She has also covered terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al Queda. Sidner has witnessed the suffering personally in her different on-the-ground reporting assignments. Her reporting on the pandemic, though, has been the most difficult.

One thing the reporter has learnt is that she needs to look for herself. Sidner’s self-care goal has been aided by the people in her life, in addition to running and meditation. The journalist thanked her husband and mother for always being there for her in an interview with Glamour.

Her pals, she claimed, had been her guardian angels. Sidner admitted that she wouldn’t have made it without them, referring to them as “the loves of her life.”


By Meera