Simon Keys is a professional snake catcher who is fascinated by a species that most people would avoid. He is best known as the snake-wrangling star of Nat Geo’s Snake City, a documentary series about his experiences catching and moving snakes in South Africa.

In Dunstable, Bedfordshire, he also manages a snake sanctuary with over 80 double-locked snakes. He also runs a snake rescue service in South Africa.

He works as a diver and tattoo artist in addition to his unique hobby and job.

Simon Keys’ fascination in snakes dates back to his childhood

Simon Paul Keys is a British actor who was born on July 15, 1974, in Hertfordshire. He was fascinated with reptiles since he was a child, and he used to catch newts and lizards. Over the course of his life, he developed a large collection of reptiles as a result of his fascination.

By the age of 30, the snake enthusiast had built one of England’s largest exotic snake companies, selling everything from taipans and vipers to rattlesnakes, kraits, and mambas. He soon converted his enthusiasm for snakes into a business by opening a snake rescue agency in South Africa, armed with extensive knowledge of snake handling and reptile behavior.

He takes the world’s most poisonous snakes out of the city and returns them to their natural home. He not only educates the locals but also helps them comprehend the nature of this feared creature.

Simon Keys’ wife is as enthusiastic about reptiles as he is

When it comes to the romantic life of the serpent savior, he met someone who shares his passion and mission in life – SAVING SNAKES. He met his herpetologist wife Siouxsie in 2013, and the two have been hissing their way through life with their reptilian family of snakes since then.

Simon met his wife while working at a reptile store that Siouxsie managed in the UK’s venomous snake community. The couple enjoys their work, and his wife even made a joke about their pastime turned business, saying:

When other couples go out to eat and go to the movies on their honeymoon, we were out catching dangerous snakes together, which is something we do all the time. At their refuge, the heavily tattooed couple owns several dangerous snakes, including three Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes and a Malayan Viper. They even appeared together on Nat Geo’s TV show Snake In The City in 2014.
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Both he and his wife are divorced; Simon’s previous wife, Nadine, who starred in the first season of the Nat Geo TV show but left soon after, was also divorced. Siouxsie was briefly married to naturalist Mark Amey, with whom she shared a suburban home with over 100 exotic animals.

The couple goals of Simon and Siouxsie are perfect couple goals for all adrenaline seekers, but not for the light-hearted!

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How much money does Simon Keys make?

He made a living out of breeding and collecting snakes after spending practically his whole life doing it.

Despite not being able to make any money from it, he charges the equivalent of £15 per call-out to save snakes. In order to make ends meet, he works as a tattoo artist and diver, which contributes to his (undisclosed) net worth.

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