Jason Derulo is one of the most popular musicians in the music industry, with multi-platinum singles including ‘Wiggle,’ ‘Talk Dirty,’ and ‘Want to Want Me.’ Aside from music, he’s had good luck with love.

He’d been dating model Jena Frumes since 2020 when they met at the Equinox premium gym, and the couple is now expecting their first child.

Here are all of the details we’ve learned thus far regarding their pregnancy.

Baby Fever

Derulo discussed his first pregnancy with girlfriend Frumes and how he had just started experiencing baby fever when he met her in a delightful chat with actress Drew Barrymore on her talk show The Drew Barrymore Show. He expressed his gratitude for everything happening at the perfect time and his joy at the prospect of having a newborn son.

The musician had always wanted to create a family, and then he met his model partner at just the right time. Everything fell into place, and Frumes is now expecting their first child. When asked about pregnancy difficulties, he stated that his baby mama was in wonderful health and that they were having a fairly smooth pregnancy, save from the regular baby kicks.

He also quipped that he imagines the baby dancing whenever his girlfriend feels those kicks. He also mentioned that having a baby girl was next on his agenda.

Although this isn’t the first time the artist has mentioned having baby fever, it is the first time he has done so publicly. PageSix had questioned the singer in August 2020 if he had developed baby fever as a result of his tight bond with his 4-year-old niece, Skylar, to which he replied that even though he had reached the age where he want a child of his own, he was still undecided.

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Gender Reveal And Pregnancy Announcement

On March 29, the couple revealed their pregnancy on social media for the first time.

With the message “I’m happy to start this new chapter in my life,” the singer released a sweet video of the couple at the beach, walking around and enjoying each other’s company. “Coming Soon” was scribbled on the sand at the end of the video.

Frumes also posted a picture of the two on Instagram with the caption “Mom & Dad.” Before the gender reveals, the singer shared a fun video of the couple guessing the baby’s gender, with Derulo predicting a boy and his better half predicting a girl.

Derulo’s wish was granted, and he headed to Instagram once more to share the happy news with his fans. He shared a short video of the couple dancing and having fun with friends and family in the Bahamas resort. The video culminated with a blue fireworks display that revealed the baby’s gender as a male.

In addition, the couple recently had a baby shower for their close friends and relatives. Derulo posted several photos from the occasion to his Instagram account.

TikTok And Frumes’ Pregnancy

The couple is quite active on TikTok, where they have shared a lot of hilarious and heartwarming content about their pregnant journey with their millions of followers. Derulo recently posted a wholesome TikTok of the couple’s trip to the hospital for an ultrasound, along with a question asking fans which parent the baby looked like.

Derulo had also released a hilarious TikTok of Frumes, in which he was forced to shave, get up from the floor, and pick up their pet snake with her belly. With all of the pregnancy posts, the couple and their followers are looking forward to the arrival of their kid.

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