Nessa Barrett, the TikTok phenomenon, adores her name. Her parents, however, had not given her the name Nessa. The diva revealed her real name and why she didn’t like it in an interview!

What is the real name of Nessa Barrett?

Janesa Barrett is Nessa Barrett’s true name, according to Famous Births Deaths. Barrett was approached to confirm her real name by a reporter when she was out once in September 2020. She admitted that her previous name was Janesa, but she liked the moniker Nessa.

The singer of ‘Poison’ said that she disliked her given name. Janesa, she reasoned, sounded too much like Vanesa, except with a J instead of a V. As a result, she prefers not to be addressed as such.

The TikTok Star Discussed Her Personal Life

Despite Barrett’s 10.3 million TikTok followers, there is a lot that people want to know about him.

Barrett answered a series of personal questions in a YouTube video released by Famous Birthdays in March 2020. She talked about anything from embarrassing situations to her future aspirations. Here’s a rundown of the most intriguing responses!

Is Nessa Barrett 4’11 tall?

Nessa Barrett stands at 4’11”. Her videos make her appear taller, but when her followers meet her in person, they are startled at how petite she is.

Insiration to join TikTok

Barrett’s younger sister was addicted to TikTok and encouraged Barrett to start making her own videos.

Her Popularity Is Due To

According to the 18-year-old celebrity, the reason for her success was because she followed the latest trends.

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Collaborations on TikTok

Tana would be a celebrity Barrett would like to collaborate with on TikTok (Mongeau).

The most difficult TikTok video

Because she did not consider herself to be a talented dancer, the Renegade dance was the most hardest video for her to film.

Favorite Filming Partner

Josh Richards was her favorite person to film with. He was irritated, she continued, when she insisted on filming 20 videos when he only wanted to make one.

Birthday Wishes

Her 17th birthday had been her favorite thus far. She went on The Boys Of Summer Tour and met a lot of people.

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The Most Embarrassing Situation

One of her most humiliating experiences was almost falling down the school stairs. There were a lot of people around, and she felt somewhat uncomfortable.

Suggestions for a Younger Self

Barrett’s advise to her younger self would be to stay true to herself and not alter for the sake of other people.

Ideal Job

Barrett’s childhood ambition was to become a doctor or a nurse.


Barrett detested it when people chewed with their mouths open.

Height phobia is Nessa Barrett’s worst fear. Although she was afraid of a variety of things, she was most afraid of heights, spiders, and clowns.

Future Projects

Barrett envisioned herself continuing to utilize social media in the next five years because she enjoyed it.

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