Wranglerstar is well-versed on the ramifications of divorce on children. He understands that a child’s life can suffer as a result of their parents’ separation, particularly in terms of basic lessons that they should learn from them.

No child should use their parent’s divorce as a reason to be unable, according to the YouTube celebrity. And, maybe as a result of his awareness, he didn’t hesitate to emphasize the importance of divorce when a fan brought it up.

Wranglerstar on Divorce’s Power

When Wranglerstar posted a video titled “The Power of Divorce” on his namesake channel on July 2, 2016, it drew a lot of attention, if not controversy.

He talked about the hardships children encounter when their parents divorce in the video. He also revealed that he prepared the video in response to a message from a Canadian user called Jesse about his life following his parents’ divorce. Jesse’s own video message was also displayed. Jesse clarified in the letter that he was a YouTuber with the channel Raindance Bushcraft. When he was a child, his parents divorced.

As a result, he claimed he couldn’t learn Wranglerstar’s skills. He grew up without a father to teach him basic life lessons, and he believed he was at a disadvantage because he had to learn everything from the ground up.

But, as Jesse pointed out, he learnt to accomplish things on his own thanks to the power of divorce. When a tire blew out on the freeway, for example, he learnt to fix it on his own. He also noted that children with estranged parents have a lot of demands. They’d have to learn a lot on their own, without any guidance or supervision.

He mentioned that he has a family and a daughter, and that he would assist his daughter learn more, but that he would let her be autonomous.

Overall, Wranglerstar agreed with Jesse and even applauded him for being a role model for all children who do not have parents. He emphasized how children with divorced parents might choose to straighten out their lives and learn new things without getting into trouble. The influencer went on to say that people’s drive to learn and change their circumstances can make a big difference in their lives.

“Some of us have it harder than others, but everyone has the option of continuing down the path, repeating failures, or changing it,” he said.

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Who is Wranglerstar, exactly?

Wranglerstar is a professional homeowner and YouTuber. Cody is his true name. His YouTube channel of the same name helped him gain fame. He has 57,500 Instagram followers and 75,500 Facebook fans. He became famous after deciding to live in a basic homestead in the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest, rather than in a modern city.

He shares his home with his wife, Mrs. Wranglerstar, and their two children, Jack and Sweetloaf. Cody began filming modern homesteading footage ten years ago, and they now produce numerous movies virtually every day.

In 2010, he started his YouTube channel, which now has 1.63 million subscribers. His YouTube channel chronicles his daily activities as well as family vacations.

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By Meera