Dave Kiley, also known as Diesel Dave, is an American TV personality who enjoys building and modifying trucks. But there’s something else the Diesel Brothers star adores more than that: raising a happy family.

His attractive wife and two children already make up the bespoke automobile builder’s family. Nonetheless, the truck fanatic occasionally considers expanding the Kiley family by having a third child with his wife, Deseri.

Dave and his wife consider themselves fortunate to have each other as companions

For more than four years, the owner of DieselSellerz, a company that makes “badass vehicles,” has been blissfully married to Deseri Lyn Kiley. The now-married couple met during an Alan Jackson concert and fell in love. Their wedding vows were exchanged on July 4, 2016. They began dating later and eventually decided to formalize their relationship.

Since then, the couple has been like peas and carrots, as evidenced by countless Instagram images on Mrs. Kiley’s account. Deseri Lyn appears to be over over heels in love with the bearded builder. Her Instagram bio merely states that she is the wife of @the diesel dave aka Dave Kiley.

The devoted woman never misses an occasion to shower her loving spouse with words of love and adoration. Deseri poured her heart out on the Discovery Channel star’s birthday, stating she is the happiest person in the world to have found an honest man like Dave.

To be honest, I never expected to find a man who was all I’d ever desired and more in my wildest dreams. Since the first time I met him, he has made me feel completely loved, cared for, and protected.

Husband Dave has comparable thoughts because he shares his social media area with his loving wife far too often

In a moving Instagram post dated September 20, 2020, the bearded hunk described his joy at meeting and marrying Deseri, whom the American entrepreneur considers to be “far out of his league.” This woman [Deseri] is right here. By far the best thing that has ever happened to me, and far, far beyond my capabilities!

In addition, the married couple participates in charitable events and fundraisers. For example, on April 1, 2019, the two were spotted at The Grand America Hotel, where they gathered donations to support type 1 diabetes researchers who are seeking to find a cure.

Diesel Dave is a father of two girls

Aside from his stunning wife, the well-known automotive specialist is also the proud father of two little angels, Saylor Fe and Pyper Corinne Kiley. Saylor Fe, their first child, was born on January 12, 2017. Pyper Corinne Kiley, the couple’s second daughter, was born more than a year later, on September 10, 2018.

According to mommy Deseri, the Diesel Brothers star is an even better father than he is at repairing broken down diesel vehicles.

On Father’s Day, the mother of two wrote a touching message to her husband, Diesel Dave, noting that she and her girls are fortunate to have him in their lives. I couldn’t ask for a greater man to be my children’s father. I never knew I’d be blessed with such a wonderful person with whom to start a family….we are the luckiest girls on the planet to have you in our lives.

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The couple may want to expand their family by adding a third member

In 2019, there were reports that the Kiley family might be blessed with a third child. Dave started talking after he posted a series of films on Instagram’s story function.

The truck enthusiast can be seen in the video giving a tour of a brand new Ram Truck while driving with his wife and daughters. When Dave was detailing the truck’s space, he implied that he wanted another baby to fill the empty space in the vehicle. Deseri, the wife, responded appropriately, adding that it’s a shame there isn’t enough room in the truck for the husband and wife to create one right then and there.

There hasn’t been any additional information about a third child, but it wouldn’t be strange if the happy couple adds to their already large family.

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By Meera