ANNIE MIST THORISDOTTIR WORKOUT ROUTINE and ANNIE MIST THORISDOTTIR DIET PLAN will be discussed today. Annie Mist Porisdottir, formerly Annie Mist Thorisdottir, is an Icelandic professional CrossFit athlete. Annie is likely the first woman to win the CrossFit championship twice in a row.

Annie initially appeared on CrossFit in 2009, and then again in 2011. She won every CrossFit game she competed in, and she plans to continue her tour across Europe.

Annie Mist Thorisdottir: Diet Plan

Let’s take a closer look at Annie Mist Thorisdottir’s diet plan. Read on to find out what she had to say about her food plan.


‘On a regular coaching day, I’d eat four deep-fried eggs, three pieces of bacon, and a small amount of oatmeal for breakfast.’ Then I’d go to the gym and eat a smoothie with banana, macromolecule powder, and a few almonds for my first session. Because this is a high-calorie snack, I eat it before another workout.’


‘I usually have a salad, then train again before eating a snack like a banana or a macromolecule bar, and then I cook dinner.’


‘Dinner is usually simply about something, meat or salad, and I eat fajitas at least three times a week!’

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Age  30years
Height  5 feet  7 inches (170cm approx..)
Weight  148 lbs( 67 kg approx..)
Hair Blonde
Eyes  Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight

Workout Routine of Annie Mist Thorisdottir

Annie Mist Thorisdottir performs the following fundamental workouts. The following is a list of Annie Mist Thorisdottir’s workout routine:

Raise Yoga with a “Y”

Hold a dumbbell that is weighted to your power and lie down with your tummy touched by a stability ball while attempting to extend your legs from behind. Extend arms to the bottom, palms facing each other, to form a “Y.” Pull shoulders back and down, then raise arms to shoulder height while pinching shoulder blades together. Perform three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions.

Side Plank Yoga 

Lie down on one side’s elbow, for example, if you want to do a right side plank, lie down on your right side elbow with your entire bodyweight on your elbow and knees. Try to interact with your lower abs this manner and stand for at least 30 seconds. Hold the position for thirty seconds to two minutes. Make three sets.

High Row Yoga 

One should be seated on the ground or on a stability ball while the other is holding the weighted tube at chest height. Hold each handle, palms towards the bottom, shoulder-width apart at chest height in front of you (tube ought to be taut). Return to the beginning posture by bending your elbows toward your shoulders. Three sets of fifteen to twenty reps are recommended.

Reverse Fly Yoga 

On either hand, hold a tube horizontally. Start with your arms extended in front of you at chest height. Try to keep your arms extended and straight, but don’t lock them in this position. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise slowly. Three sets of at least fifteen reps are required. Annie Mist Thorisdottir’s training routine is all about her.

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