Alvin Kamara of the New Orleans Saints may want to keep an eye out for another promising football player. Defensive tackle Sulaiman Kamara plays football at Wake Forest University. According to football observers, he will likely have a successful future in the NFL. Fans are left to speculate whether Sulaiman’s brilliance is inherited. In particular, if Alvin Kamara and him might be connected somehow. But this is where we correct the record.

There is no relationship between Alvin and Sulaiman Kamara

On July 25, 1995, in Atlanta, Georgia, Alvin Kamara was born. On the verge of a civil war, Adama Kamara, his mother, left Liberia and went to the United States.

Alvin was conceived by his American father and Liberian mother. Adama had a significant role in her son’s life and career, including the 2017 NFL Draft, when the University of Tennessee graduate was chosen by the New Orleans Saints.

Sulaiman Kamara, whose parents are Zainab Fofanah Kamara, was born on October 15, 1996, has a comparable history. He was born in Sierra Leone, which has historical ties to Liberia and shares a portion of their border.

Prior to him, his father secured a visa for the United States and fled Sierra Leone’s civil conflict. Later, he was followed by his mother and older siblings. When Sulaiman and his cousins managed to escape and reach their home, he was three years old.

Sulaiman grew up watching his older brothers, Abu and Sorie, play football at their Richmond home. Alvin and Sulaiman are not related, and there is no evidence to support this.

Beyond their last name, which is a typical family name in Africa, though, the similarities are clear. Their parents immigrated to the United States in order to flee civil wars in their own nations. They are talented football players, and they place a lot of importance on their ancestry.

Adama Kamara, Sulaiman’s sister, is a fun fact. She is not, however, the Georgia-based mother of Alvin. At her graduation from Emory College, Sulaiman’s sister related the story of her family’s escape from Sierra Leone.

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