Now that June has here, only one thing remains: Pride month. While most people ring in the colorful month by introducing rainbow hashtags and narrative rings on social media platforms, some prefer to look back on their coming out moments.

One such person is Twitch streamer AustinShow, who took to Twitter on June 1, 2022, to mark the second anniversary of his coming out.

“To my LGBTQ+ friends: Happy Pride! This month I’m celebrating 2 years of being publicly gay,” stated the streamer.

For the first 25 years of his life, he was not comfortable with his sexuality or telling people he was gay, but now he was proud to share it with everyone.

He also sent a wonderful message for his fellow LGBTQ+ families. “No matter who you are, you’re valid & loved.” In the subsequent tweet, he expressed gratitude to everyone for their well wishes. He received a lot of affection from his friends and followers.

AustinShow Comes Out as Gay

In April 2020, AustinShow officially came out on his Twitch Livestream and Twitter. At first, the streamer didn’t feel the need to come out and confront his sexuality openly, but when he stepped on Reddit, he learned there were misconceptions about him.

Users on Reddit assumed he was dishonest because he had lied about his identity. For the unversed, AustinShow was previously known as Rajj Patel, even though it was not his real name. He gave up his online character, however, in 2020 after realizing it was improper and hurtful to the Indian community.

“Well, you know, he’s been pretending to be an Indian for years, so I guess this [being homosexual] is his next bogus scheme for views,” others on Reddit said. Therefore, it was crucial that I did, and I did. Read the tweet, the streamer advised.

He sent his message to those who were still in the closet and thanked everyone for the love and support he has gotten via DMs.

He acknowledged that accepting one’s sexuality was challenging, but he urged people to be unrepentant and proud of who they were.

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AustinShow on Understanding His Sexuality

The streamer struggled with accepting his sexuality before coming out, despite his encouragement.

The G4TV anchor spoke candidly about his sexuality and the process he went through to feel at ease with it during an episode of Attack of the Show: The Loop.

The Twitch streamer apparently told him a joke before taping, in which he said that “being gay [was] his brand,” according to his friend and broadcaster Kevin Pereira.

AustinShow emphasized that while he had told his loved ones a year earlier, he came out publicly on Twitter when he was 25.

It was a journey of self-discovery and self-denial for the streamer. Years of social conditioning led him to believe he was straight and that he would eventually date a woman.

“I came from a very liberal family, but when people talked about my future relationships, they always mentioned a woman. The streamer explained, “It’s like, ‘OK, so I’m straight.

He wasn’t old enough to understand what he was feeling. But it seems that AustinShow now has a greater sense of himself as an adult.

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