Beyond Meat, a plant-based, vegan meat firm, debuted a new advertisement on Instagram on May 25, 2022, featuring its new spokesperson, Kim Kardashian. Kim said she was coming in as the new chief flavor consultant to help Beyond Meat with her most valuable asset: her taste.

The founder of Skims tried the company’s new vegan menu, which included burgers, meatballs, sausages, and chicken nuggets. She said that the cuisine was not only delicious but also good for one’s health and the environment. Despite the fact that Kim and Beyond Meat were attempting to do good, netizens slammed the effort, accusing Kim of fraudulent advertising.

They said Kim was ‘faking eating,’ claiming the food had no bite marks and she didn’t appear to be digesting it properly. The reality star was quickly mocked, and netizens responded with a slew of critiques in the video.

Beyond Meat Reacts to ‘Fake Eating’ Allegations

Despite the fact that everyone was condemning the campaign, Kim and Beyond Meat stayed silent. Indeed, after publishing the advertisement on Instagram, Beyond Meat followed up with two more Instagram posts marketing their culinary products.

They posted a carousel of burgers from several eateries that looked amazing. They followed up with a tweet that read, “Just enjoyed a Beyond Burger.” “Strongly Recommend.”

Kim, like many others, ignored the criticism and continued to share OOTDs on Instagram. Kim Kardashian responds to the ‘fake eating’ allegations with bloopers on her Instagram stories. Kim Kardashian responds to the ‘fake eating’ allegations with bloopers on her Instagram stories. (Image courtesy of Instagram/Kim Kardashian)

The beauty mogul and the vegan meat manufacturer ultimately addressed the situation on July 31, 2022. Kim took actual bits of her food in bloopers from the commercial, which were uploaded by Beyond Meat.

She lifted the top layer of the bread in the first portion and bit into a burger that had no bite marks in the original ad.

Kim was shown consuming a variety of foods during the video.

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Kim Kardashian Proves She Wasn’t Lying

Kim shared the blooper on her Instagram stories as well. She tagged Beyond Meat and added the text overlay “Guysss.. Come on.” Despite the video proved that Kim ate the food, online trolls were still unhappy over the bloopers.

Some questioned Kim’s motives, claiming that she didn’t swallow her food and instead spit it out after the camera stopped rolling. Beyond Meat was chastised by netizens, who claimed that Kim, who ate meat on occasion, was not a true vegan and did not deserve to be the face of the vegan firm.

They also remarked that the reality celebrity wore leather, which was in direct opposition to everything vegans believed.

“Kim doesn’t give a damn about eating healthily. One user said, “She’s simply there for a check.” Another person remarked, “It was a big mistake having her involved.”

Kim and Beyond Meat have yet to respond to these accusations, despite evidence that she did consume the food.

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