Janicza Bravo, Brett Gelman’s ex-wife, had been married to him for nearly three years. They began as coworkers, then became friends, and then a relationship. Their relationship did not stop after their divorce, unlike many Hollywood marriages. They are still cordial and talk on a daily basis.

They’ve remained so close that she’s become his fashion guru, which she did shortly after they began dating.

The Ropes of Fashion Were Taught to Brett Gelman’s Ex-Wife

After meeting on a commercial shoot for the New York Lottery, Gelman and Bravo became friends. That was a long time ago, and they married in 2015.

The Stranger Things actor was always a fan of “bright apparel,” but he was clueless about fashion. In an interview with Esquire in October 2019, he discussed how his life changed for the better after meeting his now ex-wife.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do or how I wanted to do it. When I met Janicza Bravo, my ex-wife, it hit me like a ton of bricks “he stated He was wearing “brown, polyester Levi’s from Urban Outfitters” when they first met.

So, once they’d been dating long enough for her to be brutally honest with him, she asked him to get rid of his old clothes. She told him, “Let me drive you to a location called A.P.C. and grab you some [expletive] raw denim.”

Gelman gushed about his ex-wife and even praised her for her frank criticism. He said, “And I embraced that; I didn’t feel defensive at all.”

When the interview was conducted, they had already finalized their divorce, but their relationship had not been shattered. He referred to her as his best friend and admitted that he still sought her fashion guidance.

“Even though we’re no longer dating, I still text her images of myself out on the town,” he said. “‘How does this look?’ I’ll inquire. ‘Will these black jeans look nice with this antique Hawaiian shirt?'”

Even after their divorce, she remained brutally honest with him. She would advise him on what color combinations to use. Bravo sparked his interest in dressing nicely, which he admitted had increased even when she wasn’t around as much.


The Lives of Brett Gelman and His Ex-Wife Janicza Bravo Together

Gelman and Bravo first worked together as collaborators. The actor disclosed how she got him to collaborate with her during a Reddit AMA. He admitted, “We decided to work together because she begged me to.” “I can never say no to a genius. That’s a nightmare worth having!”

They married on December 22, 2015, after working together and dating for a while. Their Las Vegas wedding registry shows that they married at the Main Chapel at 5 p.m.

The most well-known of their collaborations is Lemon, a 2017 film that she co-wrote with him and in which he starred as Isaac Lachmann, the main character.
They had been waiting on the film’s draft for five years before ultimately taking the risk of putting it into production.

When they first tried to make the film, one of the lead actors dropped out, and they lost their funding. Even when the movie was finished, the afterparty was a disaster.
During a 2017 interview with Screen Anarchy alongside his then-wife, Gelman joked about their condition, saying, “We are magnets to things not going smoothly.”

Throughout the process of bringing the film to reality, Bravo was repeatedly ignored, and some even assumed Gelman was the one who authored the script. Gelman kept insisting that it was the other way around, even though she was happy with the misunderstanding after a while.

The film was a fusion of their individual perspectives on the universe. It was a collaborative effort. They split in December 2019 after years of companionship, both professionally and romantically. A legal separation, on the other hand, has not kept them apart.

He appears to be dating Ari Dayan, a musician, as his current girlfriend. In his 2022 Valentine’s Day post, he even referred to her as his “love of loves.”

They began dating on December 3, as evidenced by his anniversary post from 2021, and she appears frequently on his Instagram. In addition, he directed the music video for her song “LOVE.” Theirs appears to be a personal and professional tie as well.


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