Cara Delevingne, one of the most well-known faces in the fashion world, wears a variety of outfits for modeling and acting, as well as for fun. The supermodel, on the other hand, enjoys getting tattooed.

Since getting her first tattoo in 2013, the supermodel has accumulated a total of over 20 tattoos. Her body has been tattooed by some of the top tattoo artists in the world, including Bang Bang and Dr. Woo, with everything from simple slogans and statements to artworks and coats of arms.

The First Tattoo on Cara Delevingne

Delevingne received her first tattoo in New York City’s Bang Bang Tattoos in 2013. She thanked Bang Bang, the tattoo artist, and Rihanna on Instagram while flaunting the lion tattooed on her right hand’s index finger.

The tattoo is a representation of her astrological sign, Leo, and it was this tattoo that sparked her interest in being tattooed.

Jourdan Dunn Has a Matching Tattoo

Delevingne and her BFF Jourdan Dunn got matching tattoos in 2014. On their hips, both models had the same “DD” tattooed. The double D is considered to stand for their surnames.

Bang Bang was also responsible for this tattoo.

Toe-mojis with Margot Robbie

Dunn isn’t the only one of Delevingne’s buddies who has a tattoo. While the supermodel and actress Margot Robbie didn’t acquire matching tattoos, the two tattooed each other while filming Suicide Squad (2016).

She even shared a photo with Robbie on Instagram, in which they both flaunted their happy toes. On Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, Robbie discussed it as well. The tattoo gun was purchased on eBay by the actress. She has no professional training but has tattooed scores of people, including David Ayer, the director of Suicide Squad.

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Delevingne sported a tattoo of her mother’s name on her biceps

On her left arm, Delevingne has a tattoo of her mother’s name, Pandora. It happened while she was out with her friend, singer Rita Ora.

The woman also has five white dots tattooed on her ribcage, each representing a different member of her family. A coat of arms with the letter “D” at the bottom and a crown and wings at the top is located directly beneath the five dots.

Tattoos With Artwork And Text And Their Meanings

Aside from the aforementioned tattoos, the supermodel has a slew of additional artwork and phrases tattooed all over her body.

“MADE IN ENGLAND” and “BACON…” are tattooed on the bottoms of Delevingne’s feet. The former displays her affection for her motherland, whereas the latter does so for bacon.

Cara Jocelyn Delevingne’s initials, CJD, are tattooed on the outside of her right hand. Aside from her initials, she also had “AC” tattooed on her left pinky finger, which was allegedly her ex-girlfriend Annie Clark’s initials.

Several of Cara Delevingne’s tattoos are animal-themed. She has Emil Landgreen’s artwork of an unclothed woman snuggling a tiger, an elephant, a wasp, a dove, and a snake on her index finger, which indicates a new beginning. She also has a Yantra tattoo on the back of her neck beneath a pair of lifelike eyes, as well as a diamond and southern cross-stars on her right ear.

Several inscriptions and phrases are also tattooed on the supermodel’s body. “Breathe Deep” is tattooed in white ink on her right arm. Her wrist is tattooed with the word “Silence,” and the number “XII” is inked on the back of her right ribs. Cara told Daniel Tucci, the tattoo artist who worked on the “XII,” that 12 was her lucky number.

Her under-boob is also linked with the slogan “don’t worry, be joyful.”

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