Amy Lawrence, the host of CBS Sports Radio, is a lady of faith and conviction, attributes that have propelled her to the forefront of sports entertainment. She hosts the weekday radio show ‘After Hours With Amy Lawerence,’ which airs from 2:00 to 6:00 a.m. ET.

Her CBS Radio show is geared toward night owls like herself. She entertains her viewers by summarizing the daily activities of national football every night late at night.

Lawrence’s passion for football is also said to keep her awake at night, and she takes her job very seriously. The late-night radio personality, on the other hand, has had a difficult time so far.

Amy Lawrence has years of experience as a host of a late-night talk show

Amy Lawrence is a pioneer in sports radio, not only because she is one of the few female hosts of a daily sports talk program, but also because she has remarkable vocal qualities and a deep understanding of the sport. After all, it was her skills on the mike that got her a spot on CBS in January 2013.

Lawrence also spent nine years with ESPN, where she was the sole regular female host, before being hired by CBS. In addition, the New Jersey native was the first woman in Oklahoma history to host her own sports radio talk program.

Lawrence has worked as a basketball play-by-play and color commentator for several radio and television stations for the past fifteen years.

Amy Lawrence of CBS Radio Faced Initially Difficulties With Social Media

Lawrence has clearly made progress in a male-dominated sector, which has presented her with its own set of challenges. Lawrence, on the other hand, has stated in an interview with Sports Spectrum magazine that joining social media was a greater struggle for her than being a woman in a male-dominated sector.

The radio talk show pioneer was initially hesitant to join the social media bandwagon, but she eventually found the courage to do so. Following her initial participation, she had opened herself up to a barrage of harsh criticism, much to her dismay.

However, the criticism was not limited to her professional ability. People on the internet mocked her gender and even her religious beliefs.

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Lawrence’s faith aided her in overcoming obstacles at work

Lawrence said in a July 2018 interview with Sports Spectrum that she has been devoted to Jesus since the age of six and that her faith is a vital part of her daily existence. Her language during the broadcast of such an intense sport, as well as the manner she treats people, demonstrate this.

Lawrence also spoke to the same publication about how her faith gives her peace and strength as she works through the barrage of online hate she has experienced. She stated, ”

…I need to take a deep breath and remind myself of who God says I am. I am the King’s daughter. Period.

Lawrence has paved the road for ambitious female sports journalists to follow a career route in sports writing, despite the fact that she has been tried and tested her entire professional life.

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