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Demi Lovato could have been rejected. She invited Emily Hampshire, best known for her role in the hit comedy series Schitt’s Creek, to their most recent episode of the podcast 4D With Demi Lovato. The two talked about figuring out their gender identities and coming out.

Emily Hampshire’s First Public Outing

Throughout the episode, Hampshire also discussed how she discovered her true identity on Schitt’s Creek. The sitcom has been praised for its efforts to promote LGBTQ acceptance since its debut in 2015.

Dan Levy’s portrayal of David, who is attracted to anyone regardless of gender identity, has been praised by both viewers and critics. During her revelation, Hampshire revealed the following:

“There will be no homophobia on Schitt’s Creek,” Dan stated emphatically. “It simply does not exist in that location.”

Hampshire stated that the episode’s iconic wine sequence, in which David explains his gender orientation to Stevie (Hampshire) while talking wine, actually assisted her in figuring out her own identity. Even though she was well-versed in LGBTQ+ issues, she was surprised to learn about David’s orientation.

Demi Lovato bio
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Because of this new information, she had to rethink her own identity, and it took her nearly five years to figure out who she was. She was seeing someone at the time, and people wondered if she was lesbian on message boards. This prompted her to inquire about Levy’s gender identity, but she stated that she didn’t care where someone fell on the gender spectrum because she had simply fallen in love with someone.

When asked if she was omni-gender, Levy stated that she was. Hampshire became acutely aware of her gender identity from that point forward.

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Emily Hampshire’s Deal Breaker

Around 34 minutes into their conversation, the actress made an unexpected discovery about the singer of “Skyscraper.” Lovato revealed that Lovato sneaked into her DMs and invited her out on a date.

“Hey girl, I really like you on the show,” you said. We should get together at some point.” “And by kick it, I mean go on a date,” you explained below. “I think you’re appealing, whatever that means.”

The actress, 40, went on to say that she appreciated Lovato’s directness in asking her out on a date because she didn’t know what “kick it” meant and had to look it up. She then joked that they were a decade apart in age, which could explain why she declined Lovato’s advances.

Lovato, on the other hand, reacted by comparing her to Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor, a couple with a 32-year age gap.

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Then, realizing they had unintentionally compared Hampshire to Taylor, who was 38 years older, Lovato tried to save face by clarifying that this was not their intention.

Hampshire, on the other hand, laughed at the scenario and agreed that she was proud to be Taylor. Of course, the two did not start a romance, but they do appear to have started a lovely friendship.

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