Vyshonne King Miller, popularly known as Silkk The Shocker, has done an excellent job at keeping his personal life discreet. Many sites suggest that he is married, although little information about his wife can be uncovered.

He is also the proud father to Jianna and King Miller, albeit their mother’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Speculations about Silkk the Shocker’s wife

Many people believe Junalyn “JuJu” Pattugalan a.k.a. JuJu Miller is Miller’s wife or the mother of his children.

The accusations began to circulate after Silkk’s daughter, Jianna Miller, shared a photo of the two on Instagram. She wished JuJu a happy birthday and claimed her to be her biological mother in the caption.

She wished her mother a happy Mother’s Day, writing, “Happy Mother’s Day to my birth provider and best fraaannnddd.” Juju Miller, Silkk the Shocker’s purported wife, and their kid Jianni. Despite the indications, Juju and Silkk have yet to confirm or deny the relationship claims.

Junalyn ‘Juju’ Miller: The Rumor Factory

When it comes to Juju, aside from the photo Jianna shared, there are few other references to her on the internet. Silk’s purported wife, on the other hand, is a member of Ladies In Destiny, a women’s organization that “empowers, equips, and mentors fellow women to recognize and realize their God-given destiny.”

With a Wix website, a Facebook page, and even a Twitter account, the group has around 19 members. On the website, each member has a photo and a brief description. What does Miller’s description say? “With her rapper spouse, Silkk The Shocker, she runs a clothing company.”

Is she Silkk’s wife, then? Is the information on the webpage correct? We’ll take your guess as well!

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Silkk the Shocker’s Children: Who Are They?

The rapper has a son and a daughter, as previously stated. His son King is a basketball player who posts images and videos of his games on Instagram. In February 2020, Silkk posted a video of King with the caption: Got to take a quick minute salute my Son @vyctoriusmiller a great player class of 2024. But he claimed he doesn’t mind because he’ll keep working at the bottom. Go!! Continue to grind.
King would start college in 2021 and graduate in 2024, according to the caption.

He is, in fact, prepared to attend one. According to his Instagram, he has received offers from various universities, including Wake Forest, Arizona State, and California Polytechnic State.

Silkk’s daughter Jianni’s Instagram account, on the other hand, doesn’t reveal much about her. There are a few images of her with her pals and one with her father, in addition to the one she shared on Mother’s Day.

On Silkk’s birthday, the latter was shared with the remark, “Happy Birthday and (late) Father’s Day to the best father in the history of the world! I adore you with all my heart…”

An Overview of the Rapper’s Career

The New Orleans-born rapper made his musical debut with the popular album The Shocker, which he eventually renamed after himself. During his years as a debutant, the 46-year-old was the biggest star of his brother Master P’s record company ‘No Limit.’ Despite having a successful early career, the singer has appeared on numerous worst rapper lists. “I have my own lane,” he said in an interview with VladTV when questioned about the worst rapper list.

He admitted he was the worst, but added that “all viewpoints” were valid.

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