The loss of the reality show This Old House’s (TOH) youngest cast member saddened the entire team in 2018. Recently, the entire TOH family has been actively running the show, including general contractor Tom Silva.

Tom, the co-owner of Silva Brothers Construction, is relishing his time with his family as well as the premiere of the new season of his show. He can be observed adapting to new technologies and trends in the modern era.

A Member’s Death Devastated The ‘TOH’ Group

Austin Wilson’s passing in 2018 grieved the whole TOH team. While traveling, the youthful and active team member died in his sleep. Members of the This Old House crew stated on their website that they feel themselves fortunate to have met Wilson. When they talked about him, they said he was referred to as a “leader,” “role model,” and “inspiration,” and they drew him as the ideal apprentice – motivated and eager to learn.

His optimistic approach, lightheartedness, and dedication as a friend are remembered by the crew. The TOH squad has recovered from the loss of an active team member and is completing season 42.

On February 20, 1979, the first episode of This Old House aired. A new television genre was born as a result of the show. The show is still going strong after four decades, entertaining and motivating homeowners with trusted home improvement information.

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Silva is a young man with a lot of energy

Tom Silva is one of the most essential characters in the series, while being only one of the many names associated with it. He is the cast’s general contractor and is the one who gets things done.

He currently spends time with his family while keeping up with the latest technological advancements. Silva is also known for generating amusing films. With his strong sense of humor, the 74-year-old appears fit and healthy.

He expressed his pride in where he is now

Silva, a general contractor, has given home aficionados in the show years of expert advise. Working with his father and brother on his first significant job, he built a subterranean fallout bunker beneath their 1787 Colonial in Lexington, Massachusetts. They built it in two years after hand-digging the 20x40x12-foot trench beneath the home and removing all the rocks.

It took us two years, and I was so proud of what we had produced that I realized I wanted to make a profession doing it. Silva revealed in an Instagram post that he has always worked as a builder and that he began working with his father when he was a child.

He also remarked how fortunate he was to have the chance to pursue his love.

Season 42 of ‘This Old House’ premiered on October 4, 2020, and the season finale was on June 6, 2021.

Because the previous season of This Old House recently ended, PBS does not have an official release date for Season 43. However, it goes without saying that the show will very certainly be renewed for a second season.

We’ll simply have to wait and see what happens next.

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By Meera