DJ Ashba

DJ Ashba, guitarist for Guns N’ Roses and Sixx: A.M., married his wife, Nathalia Andrea Ashba, in September 2013.

After eight years, on September 24, 2021, on their wedding anniversary, the famed musician published rare “never before seen wedding images.”

Ashba shared two pictures of the couple kissing on the lips. His wife wore a simple white toga floor-length gown, while he was dressed entirely in black. He disclosed in the post that he met her when he least expected it 11 years ago.

The rock legend recalls being on tour in Rome and not wanting to go out that night, but his Guns N’ Roses insisted. They ended up in a badass outdoor nightclub, where he met the “ideal girl” and wished his partner a good anniversary.

In honor of their 8th wedding anniversary, his wife also posted images with the musician.
The musician proposed to his woman a month before their wedding, but their proposal provoked an investigation by the authorities.

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DJ Ashba’s Proposal to His Wife Is Controversial

DJ Ashba
DJ Ashba with his partner (picture from loudwire)

Ashba confirmed his engagement on Twitter on August 8, 2013, stating “she said yes.”

Another of Ashba’s tweets read, “We can’t express our gratitude enough for all of your wonderful love and support! lots of love!!” The guitarist did not divulge how he proposed to his girlfriend, but his famous comrades, including Axl Rose, and fans wished them well.

However, on August 10, he eventually revealed the proposal’s details in his Instagram post’s caption, which included a lengthy summary. With the help of the Las Vegas Police Department, Ashba arranged for a private Helicopter trip above Vegas.

The “misuse” of the chopper, according to Loud Wire, enraged police department officials, sparking a four-month probe. The pilot who flew out the couple and Police Captain David O’Leary, whom Ashba thanked on Instagram, were both under investigation.

Unfortunately, after realizing that he would be relegated to lieutenant, O’Leary retired. Following that, Ashba addressed the matter, saying Fox 5 that no rules had been breached. “They act as though we hopped a fence and stole a helicopter, which isn’t the case. There is a lot of misleading information being distributed to the general people. We followed the rules. It was a ride that had been approved “remarked the guitarist

DJ Ashba’s Wife: Who Is She?

Nathalia Andrea
Nathalia Andrea with her spouse (picture from Pinterest)

Nathalia Andrea Ashba was born in the year 1991 as Nathalia Henao. She traveled to Italy with her mother when she was very young, and at the age of 12, she strutted her thing down a Milan catwalk.

Since then, she has been the center of attention. She won the Miss Model of Europe title in 2013, which launched her career in Italian television.

Henao later relocated to the United States and met her spouse in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She is currently focusing her efforts on careers in fashion, beauty, and music.

Her first hit, ‘Sin Miedo,’ had over one million streams across all digital platforms and reached number one on a Paraguayan radio station.

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