Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart, his ex-wife, aren’t allowing their disagreements to disrupt their children’s lives.

One thing that the Grey’s Anatomy actor and the model have always agreed upon is that their children come first. And when they divorced in 2018, they agreed to maintain the arrangement. Although things weren’t perfect immediately away, they eventually fell into a good routine.

Focusing on co-parenting, Eric Dane and his ex-wife Rebecca Gayheart

After 14 years of marriage, Dane and Gayheart made their separation from one another official on February 16, 2018. That morning, she had already filed the divorce papers.

One of the numerous topics covered in their divorce announcement was their family. Despite their divorce, they reaffirmed their commitment to preserving a positive family dynamic. The former couple said in a joint statement that they will “maintain our relationship and work as a team to co-parent our two beautiful girls as they are the most important thing in the world to us.”

She requested joint legal and physical custody of their two girls in her divorce documents. Nothing about their divorce suggested they were reluctant to share parental responsibilities. In July of the following year, Gayheart talked to People about how their co-parenting arrangement was progressing. She made a suggestion that things had been challenging yet thrilling. The model said, “There’s a new normal for me and my family. “And it has taken us some time to master it. I won’t lie; it hasn’t been simple.”

She claimed to be friends with Dane and that they were “doing [their] best to co-parent and keep a family.”

“And I believe we’re succeeding in this. Just a good life. There are so many fascinating developments, “Added she.

Regarding how they were addressing their children’s future, she stated that despite the fact that both of their girls had the “acting bug,” they were trying to keep them in school. She immediately resumed her job following her divorce because she wanted to set a good example for her children.

She told Us Weekly, “I think that as a female you need to always be able to take care of yourself and never depend on a man.” “I’m returning to work, and I believe part of the reason is so that my daughters may watch me in action.”

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Relationship between Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane

After being introduced by a common friend, Dane and Gayheart first connected. Due to their extensive mutual buddy network, they kept bumping across each other after their initial meeting. He took some time to catch the hints she had been giving him from the outset. When he finally asked her out, their 10-month relationship officially began.

At the conclusion of that assignment, a wedding awaited the two. The pair wedded quickly; they wed secretly in 2004. Gayheart remembered their wedding, “Otherwise, I would’ve talked myself out of it in some way.” They took a plane to Las Vegas, found a chapel that would marry them “without a license in hand,” paid their cab driver Sam $50 to be their best man, and then they were wed.

They then spent the night in a hotel, got married the next morning, and then went back home.

Their two daughters, Georgia Geraldine Dane, who is younger, and Billie Beatrice Dane, who is older, have kept their birth dates a secret. But not all aspects of their private lives have been kept a secret. The now-divorced couple and a third woman were on a sex tape that was leaked in 2009. They had few clothing on and were in a bathtub.

In 2019, he clarified his 2014 statement that he believed making a video of the entire experience was a mistake.

“Without a doubt. Three voluntarily cooperating adults, one of them is my wife? I wasn’t acting improperly, “When questioned if he still thought it was a mistake, the Euphoria star responded to Glamour in August 2019.

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