Hello, “Eva Andressa Workout Routine and Diet Plan” will be discussed. Let’s learn a little bit about Eva Andressa before we talk about her training program and eating plan. Eva Andressa is a well-known Brazilian fitness model and social media celebrity who is well known for her athletic nutrition athletes.

Eva was humiliated as a child because she was too tiny or skinny. Eva Andressa tried to get in shape when she was 17 but failed due to a lack of information and correct training. After a period of time, she met her future husband, Jardel Barros, and they fell in love. Surprisingly, her husband was an athlete who inspired Eva to improve her physique.

Eva believed she had accomplished her objectives. She had achieved her ideal figure and had also triumphed in a number of tournaments. Eva didn’t stop there; in 2010, she was invited to appear on a celebrity Brazilian television show, and from there she rose to become the most well-known athlete and an internet star.

She eventually became a fitness icon in Brazil as a result of this show, and she was published in various magazines, gaining global recognition.

Diet Plan of Eva Andressa

Eva follows an extremely stringent diet as a fitness model. She eats every 2-3 hours during the day, for a total of 7-8 meals per day. Although how much she eats depends on how much sleep she gets in a day.

Eva stated that she eats a combination of protein and carbohydrate for the first four meals of the day, and that she prefers to eat exclusively protein for the latter two meals of the day.

Here are the complete specifics of Eva Andressa’s full-day diet.

Food 1 – 2.5 tbsp of oatmeal  and two spoons of liquified protein

Food 2 – 3 tbsp whole wheat pasta, Vegetables, 100 grams of chicken breast.

Food 3 – 3 tbsp oatmeal, two tbsp protein

Food 4- Tuna, 2.4 gm graham toast

Food 5 – 100 gram of chicken breast grilled with vegetables

Food 6 – Omelet of 5 eggs

Food 7 – Whey  protein with Glutamine

Check out her workout video below


Workout Routine of Eva Andressa

Most fitness celebrities follow a rigid workout regimen, but Eva Andressa was not one of them. She doesn’t have a set workout plan and bases her training on what she feels is required on any given day.

Eva Andressa rose to fame in 2014 and has worked tirelessly to inspire millions of people while also assisting them in achieving their fitness goals through motivational speeches and training. Her workout routine is also distinct from that of other fitness celebrities. Eva Andressa always completes all four sets of each exercise and trains to failure without a predefined number of reps.

During her days as a competitor. Andressa worked out her body twice a day, with nearly no days off in between. Eva Andressa also engages in aerobic workouts for a minimum of 40 minutes per session. Surprisingly, Eva has quit exercising her chest, triceps, and biceps muscles after attaining her goals since she believes they are at their ideal size and she does not need to teach them anymore.

Eva Andressa legs workouts

Exercise                                                           sets reps

Leg press                                                             4 8-12

Leg curls                                                              4 10-12

Lying squats Machine                                        4 8-12

Back Squats                                                         4 8-12

Abs workouts with Eva Andressa

Even after accomplishing her goals, Eva has continued to work hard on her abs. Her abs are one of her body’s most appealing and stunning features. Although her abs exercise differs from day to day, she emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet in achieving amazing abs.

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