Amy Allan, an American paranormal psychologist, has a typical romantic life. She found someone she loved, married him for 12 years, and when things didn’t work out, she divorced him, moved on, found another man, and made him her husband.

The Colorado native is most known for her position on Travel Channel’s The Dead Files as a paranormal investigator and physical medium (those who can communicate with ghosts). Here’s a look at the life of America’s most famous paranormal investigator and her spouse.

A Glance At Amy Allan’s Life

Allan, who was born on May 31, 1973, in the mountainous state of Colorado, was allegedly tormented by “shadow people” when he was four years old. Her interest in paranormal occurrences and psychology was aroused as a result of this.

Allan went on to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Arizona, where she was mentored by Dr. William Roll, a world-renowned paranormal psychologist. Allan claimed she had the powers of a medium to link with the paranormal, a claim that has been investigated by some of the world’s top parapsychologists.

With ‘The Dead Files,’ Amy Allan reached the pinnacle of her paranormal investigator career

Allan has collaborated with police agencies and private investigators to perform investigations for individuals and corporations, using her abilities as a medium.
The Dead Files, a Travel Channel paranormal TV series in which Allan collaborated with NYPD homicide detective Steve Di Schiavi to investigate allegedly haunted locations, was what brought her to the public’s attention.

The ten-season (180-episode) series featured various pieces of evidence pointing to paranormal activity.

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On the set of ‘The Dead Files,’ Amy Allan met her husband Rob Traegler

Allan was enamored with more than just the supernatural. Rob Traegler, a television and film director, joined to work on The Dead Files in 2011, just as it was due to premiere. Despite the fact that Allan and Traegler did not begin dating straight away, once they began, they did not stop.

Traegler became Amy Allan’s husband on October 31, 2018, their wedding day, after six years of dating. The celebrity pair went on a week-long honeymoon to commemorate the start of their married life.

Despite the fact that Amy Allan and her ex-husband haven’t spoken since their divorce, she used to work with him

Allan was married to Matthew Anderson before he met Rob. Matt was her husband for 12 years, but for some reason, things didn’t work out, and they divorced. Despite the fact that Allan never spoke to her ex-husband following the divorce, she did meet up with him for one of the shows she was producing.

Allan’s life credo appears to be straightforward: keep everything simple. She was with Anderson as long as she was delighted with him. She divorced him and severed all links with him as soon as she realized she couldn’t be with him. She then found someone else to be with, Traegler, and has been with him ever since.

It’s one of the straightforward approaches that has led to Allan’s personal success and happiness.

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