Darlene Rodriguez, an American reporter, not only exchanged vows with her spouse, but also stood by them. Despite the fact that their marriage had been tarnished by sexual misconduct allegations and divorce rumors, she stuck by her husband and reaped the benefits.

As a reporter for WNBC, the NBC network’s flagship station, the New York native rose to prominence. She has been the co-anchor of Today in New York for the past 15 years, and she is one of the station’s most well-known faces.

Darlene keeps her fans up to date on her daily activities via her well-maintained Twitter account, which has over 25k followers.

Darlene Rodriguez is someone you should be aware of

Darlene Rodriguez, who was born on June 16, 1970, grew up in the Bronx and currently lives in New York. Her ancestors are of Puerto Rican descent.

In 1988, she began her high school study at Christopher Columbus High School. She developed an interest in journalism while in high school and became highly active in the area after that. She also became active in a number of local cable news programs.

She graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in broadcast journalism and political science in 1992, four years after graduating from high school.

Two Decades of Darlene Rodriguez On the network NBC

Darlene spent a year as a reporter for Bronxnet cable television in her hometown early in her career. She afterwards moved to WCBS Newsradio 88, where she worked for four years as a general assignment reporter.

Darlene has been a part of WNBC for nearly two decades. She began her career as a fill-in newsreader on Weekend TODAY, a weekend program. In New York, she later became a co-anchor of Weekend Today. She was named a co-anchor of Today in New York in 2003, a daily program on the network focused on news and gossip from New York.

Darlene Rodriguez’s Net Worth in Millions: Pristine Residences

Darlene is entitled to a substantial pay as a result of her long tenure as a reporter at WNBC. Even yet, when asked, “How much money does Darlene Rodriguez make?” the answer isn’t certain. The average income for an NBC employee is $72K. She does, however, command a substantially larger salary as one of the network’s most well-known faces.

Her compensation is said to range from $100,000 to over $750,000, according to sources. The disparity is great, to be sure. As a result of her contributions to the network, her net worth has increased.
Despite keeping the actual statistics under wraps, she has a net worth in the millions, at least officially. Her luxurious home, which she purchased for a seven-figure price, best illustrates this point.

She and her spouse occupy a luxurious home on 11 Georgia Lane in Hudson, New York. The home was purchased in 2004 for $805,000 and is now worth more than $2 million in today’s market, thereby making Rodriguez a millionaire in her own right.

Darlene Rodriguez and her husband, David Rodriguez, have a strong relationship

Darlene is married to David Rodriguez, who is 47 years old. He is a highly distinguished New Rochelle Police Department veteran. David, her husband, was accused of abusing his power to have sexual relations with a teen girl in 2008.

David was initially charged with rape in the first degree for allegedly raping a 17-year-old female. Her then-35-year-old boyfriend was detained for domestic abuse by him and other cops.
David was later convicted to a one-year conditional discharge and a five-year prohibition from seeing the victim.

Many critics assumed that Darlene’s marriage was headed for a divorce due to the seriousness of her husband’s crime and her public character. Darlene, on the other hand, remained by her husband, claiming that she and her husband had a great deal of love in their marriage and that they wanted to move on with their lives as a family.

She also stated that she was not seeking a divorce from her husband, but rather wanted to stand by his side during his difficult times. Following the event, David resigned as a police officer.

Darlene Rodriguez is a proud mother of two sons and a daughter

Darlene and David’s love has lasted the test of time, and they now have three children and a happy married life. David Jake, a 17-year-old son, and Natalia, a 15-year-old daughter, are the couple’s proud children. Furthermore, her social media posts demonstrate her love for her family and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was a family woman.

So far, the 48-year-old has proven herself to be not only a helpful wife but also a competent mother. She walked on the New York Fashion Week stage with her kid in 2013. Darlene apologized for the way she styled her hair as a child in a throwback photo with her daughter in July 2018.

She shared a childhood photo of her son with a nice comment on the occasion of his birthday. Her heart became ten sizes larger after the birth of her baby, according to the description. She went on to say that she thanked God every day for choosing her to be his mother. Apparently, the joy of her life was watching him grow into such a wonderful young man.

In April 2018, she went to her son’s high school to observe his performance and encourage him. Darlene is a mother not only to their children, but also to Roxy, their beloved dog.

Darlene’s Family Photos With Her Husband And Kids

Darlene is one of the fortunate ladies who has achieved success both personally and professionally.  On Valentine’s Day 2017, the NBC anchor shared an Instagram photo with her husband and wrote a beautiful message for him, saying that they had been too strong for too long and that she wished for their relationship to only get stronger.

Darlene is enjoying a happy marriage after successfully deflecting divorce rumors.

By Meera