Carole Baskin has been married three times. She was 17 when she married for the first time. Her first and only child, Jamie Veronica Murdock, was also born to her first and only spouse, Michael Murdock.

Jamie, like her mother, has always loved animals and has worked in animal welfare since she was a child. She has risen to the pinnacle of her mother’s shelter.

Jamie Veronica Murdock, Carole Baskin’s daughter

Jamie was born on July 16, 1980, a year after her parents, Baskin and Murdock, wed. She did not, however, get to watch her parents live together for a long time. By 1981, her mother had fled the house and begun a relationship with Don Lewis, who would ultimately become her stepfather. In 1990, her mother divorced her biological father and began a new relationship with Lewis.

Lewis married her mother’s second husband in 1991, and she was given four step-siblings. Baskin and Lewis opened Wildlife on Easy Street a year later. This provided Jamie with a safe environment in which she could express and foster her love for animals, which she may have acquired from her mother.

She has progressed through the ranks at the refuge since then, which was renamed Big Cats Rescue after Lewis’s inexplicable disappearance. Baskin took over as the farm’s owner and caretaker, and Jamie began assisting her mother with the rescue operations.

Jamie is now the president of Big Cat Rescue, a member of the Board of Directors, and the chair of the Volunteer Committee, according to her profile on the organization’s website. It’s also claimed that, as of 2020, she’s been in these positions for nearly ten years. One of her first accomplishments was to establish a sponsorship program, which has proven to be profitable enough to contribute to the organization’s annual budget.

A sentence from her bio reads, “Jamie runs everything related with the administrative side of the volunteer program.” She supervised animal rescues and trained volunteer animal rescuers.

Baskin’s daughter is also a “award-winning photographer” who manages the organization’s Big Cat Times weekly edition. She is in charge of the sanctuary’s online gift shop, advertisements, billboards, special deals, and other attractions.


In terms of her wildlife knowledge, she claims to be a licensed wildlife rehabilitator who oversees the sanctuary’s bobcat rehabilitation program in her bio. She’s “successfully raised, rehabilitated, and released many wild Florida bobcats and organizes expeditions into release areas to follow and camera trap wild bobcat populations,” according to her website.

Aside from that, she oversees the foster kitten program and everything that it includes, including veterinary appointment dates and cage upkeep.

The 42-year-old expert in animal rescue isn’t on social media. Her only social media outlet is Facebook, where she primarily posts about her work with Big Cat Rescue. Dancing Buttterfly Studio is a “quirky and crazy collection of mid-century vintage style” unique paintings that she runs as a side company. Barbecue caddies, wood crafts, paw print and watercolor art of various wild animals, picture frames, jewelry, and other items are among her creations.

Jamie is a married woman in her personal life. On January 14, 2013, she and someone named Dr. Justin Boorstein were introduced as “newlyweds” in a video on the channel DailyBigCat.

Her name also has a Twitter account, with the bio indicating that she has four children. It’s unclear whether this information is correct, as the account appears to have been abandoned.


By Meera