The benefits of fame come in many forms, and for many, they cause them to forget their roots and drown in the hunger of luxury. And, it appears that the likelihood of pursuing popularity is inversely linked to age: the more renowned you are at a younger age, the more likely you are to pursue it.

However, for a 13-year-old rapper, the opposite appears to be true, as popularity has brought him closer to his single mother.

MATT OX is well-known as one of the industry’s youngest rappers, with his song Overwhelming gaining millions of views in just a few days. After becoming viral on the internet, his song became a great hit, and he was invited to appear on several podcasts for interviews.

On Twitter, the adolescent sensation has over 22k followers, and on Instagram, she has over 442k followers.

MATT OX’s biography reveals a lifelong love of rap music

Every December 13th, Matthew Grau aka MATT OX blows out his birthday candles. The American native is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he first became interested in rap when he was four years old. Eminem and Marilyn Manson were among the artists who influenced the young rapper as he grew up.

MATT dropped his first original rhyme at the age of five after hearing to Kendrick Lamar’s Young & Black. This simply fueled his enthusiasm, and he began to branch out into R&B by releasing more songs over time. After associating with the Working on Dying crew, he recorded songs such as This N That, Low Key, and Michael Myers.
MATT became more well-known as more of his rap hits were published. Not to mention the fact that he was just 12 when he was featured in the single “$$$” from late XXXTentacion’s album.

And, as with many other success stories, MATT’s has attracted a substantial number of detractors. But he’s come up with a way to deal with them: ignorance, and he believes in the old adage, ‘Ignorance Is Bliss.’


MATT OX Promises To Look After His Mother

Despite having a large number of detractors, primarily due to his use of profanity in his songs, he has a powerful ally in his mother. When MATT rose to prominence as a result of his raps and songs, his lovely mother was overjoyed. Imagine his mother giving birth to him when she was just fifteen years old.

MATT’s father committed suicide around the same time. She reflected on her difficult moments when she had to deal with MATT’s father’s death while still raising him, saying,

It was just me and Matthew at the time because we weren’t together. It’s always been just Matthew and myself. Because his father suffered from mental illness, I’ve always been concerned about Matthew. And I believe that simply being open-minded and honest with him aids him in doing the same with me.

Look at how MATT turned out; he’s a young rapper who has entirely committed to caring for his mother. Yes, he is more than happy to assist his mother with everything, as proven by his pride in assisting his mother with her retirement.

Isn’t that adorable? He’s only 13, but he’s already done what most adults struggle to do: provide financial and emotional support to his mother. With an average salary of $62,142 in the hip-hop industry, MATT has no doubt that he can meet his mother’s financial needs.

Furthermore, it does not take a genius to deduce that has a net worth in the millions after delivering many hit songs and being screamed out by prominent rappers. He could also become one of the wealthiest rappers by the time he enters his late teens, despite the fact that he is still only 13.

Matt has amassed a sizable wealth as a result of the release of some of his most successful songs, including Messages, Deposits, and Youngest Coming Up. And, with the exception of the cusses he includes in his songs, his mother is completely supportive of what he does.


By Meera