In Brooklyn, New York, Omar Epps was reared by his mother, Bonnie Maria Epps, a principal of an elementary school.

In addition to Paramount’s Against the Ropes (2004), Alfie (2004), Wood (1999), In Too Deep (1999), Higher Learning (1995), and Juice (2004), Epps has starred in a number of other major motion pictures (1995).

Here is everything you need to know about his wife, children, and personal life. Omar Epps is married, then?

Who Is the Wife of Omar Epps?

The “ER” actor started seeing his wife Keisha in 2004, and after getting along well, they got married in 2006. The actor and his spouse have two children: a son named Amir who was born three years later and a girl named K’marie who was born in 2004.

Omar also has a daughter from a previous relationship, named Aiyanna, in addition to their children. The actor’s blended family is routinely observed on social media since they don’t mind being in the spotlight.

Sanaa Lathan from “Love & Basketball” was another woman Omar dated. It was essential that Lathan and Epps’ secret connection remained a secret because Prince-Brythwood didn’t learn about their relationship until after they were cast in the movie.

She expressed worry about their connection and how it would affect filming in the same 2015 interview with Buzzfeed News. But now that they have two children, Keisha and Omar are celebrating a joyful marriage.

Their youngest child, Amir, is 12 years old. The daughter of Omar’s previous marriage, Aiyanna, is now in her twenties. Omar wed Keisha Spivey, a former member of the all-female R&B group Total, in 2006.

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The two got together and dated briefly in 1992. However, their relationship didn’t last, and for years, Spivey was in Epps’ mind as “the one who got away.”

Epps dated a few other women after their breakup, including his “Love & Basketball” co-star Sanaa Lathan, but his thoughts and heart were always drawn back to Keisha. Omar provided his thoughts on parenting from the perspective of someone who grew up without a father in his 2018 book, “From Fatherless to Fatherhood.”

He highlighted how important it was to be there in his kids’ lives. Omar, who thinks that children need to be disciplined, thinks that the key is to talk to them when they mess up and explain why they are getting punished.

The actor was raised without his mother and without his father, who left him when he was a young child. The actor acknowledges that this did not affect his ability to be a better father, though.

He is a fantastic father and also a wealthy person with a huge net worth in the millions. He has accomplished tremendous things in his work life. He started acting professionally in the late 1980s, but it wasn’t until his pivotal role in the 1990 movie “Juice” that he really became well-known.

Early performances by Epps often featured damaged teens or sportsmen, such his portrayal as Q in the movie Juice. Rapper Tupac Shakur appeared in the movie with Epps. In the college football drama “The Program,” in which he co-starred with James Caan, Epps had his second on-screen appearance.

He peaked at the pinnacle of achievement in his line of business with a large net worth of $15 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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