Tilman Fertitta, an American businessman, has unquestionably amassed a fortune with his thriving company. So, how does he put his obscenely large fortune to good use?

Tilman Fertitta is a millionaire businessman and television personality who owns the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association. He is also the sole owner of Landry’s, Inc., one of the largest restaurant organizations in the United States.

Tilman also has his own reality show, Billion Dollar Buyer, which premiered on CNBC on March 22, 2016.

Tilman Fertitta had no mercy when it came to expanding his restaurant empire

Tilman Joseph Fertitta was born and raised in Galveston, generations after his family immigrated from Sicily to Texas. After school, he used to peel shrimp at his father’s seafood restaurant on Galveston Island.

Tilman, 61, studied hospitality management and business administration at Texas Tech University and the University of Houston before starting his own business selling and promoting Shaklee vitamins.

Tilman made a name for himself as a partner in the first Landry’s restaurant, Landry’s Seafood, which debuted in 1980. In 1986, he assisted in the opening of another restaurant, Willie G’s Seafood & Steaks, and in 1986, he took control of both locations, eventually becoming the sole owner of Landry’s Restaurants in 1988.

Tilman’s holdings aren’t limited to restaurants; he also owns a number of hotels and casinos. He also invests in sports to the point where he bought the Houston Rockets from Leslie Alexander for an NBA record $2.2 billion.

Tilman Fertitta’s Family Of Six Shares Inexplicable Love For Wife & Kid

Tilman has been married to his wife, Paige, for a long time, and they have four children, including a daughter named Blayne and three sons named Michael, Patrick, and Blake. And Tilman has made a point of expressing his love for his family.

And, contrary to popular belief, Tilman does not ruin his children by sending them to work every day. His two oldest sons, in fact, are the Houston Rockets’ directors. So, no, they aren’t that pampered. Tilman did opt to gift his fortune to his children rather than use it for humanitarian causes, but he has ensured that his children will not be spoilt and will be able to make their own decisions with the money.

Tilman, on the other hand, doesn’t forget to throw big parties with his family at their holiday-decked River Oaks home on significant occasions. After all, he is a billionaire.

Did we mention Tilman doesn’t keep track of the properties he owns? That pretty much sums up how obscenely wealthy the man is.

What Happens to Tilman Fertitta’s Net Worth?

Tilman Fertitta’s estimated net worth of $3.8 billion should come as no surprise to anyone who knows anything about billionaires. He even owns The Boardwalk, a 164-foot-long, 31-foot-wide, and almost 500-ton yacht. Isn’t that an extraordinary yacht?

The $40 million boat also features 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, large salons, and a top-of-the-line chef’s kitchen with warming drawers, steamers, and a walk-in fridge and freezer. The Boardwalk features various decks, a lounge, land excursion scooters, and a helicopter pad just in case.

It’s one of those things I’ve always desired and will continue to desire. I can tell you that it isn’t inexpensive. ‘God, I adore this boat,’ I tell myself every time I walk on it. (-according to Tilman Fertitta | abc13.com | February 29, 2016)

Now that we’ve covered the luxurious yacht, did we add that the millionaire has opened a new big hotel? The Post Oak, Houston’s newest luxury hotel, is a stunning structure that demonstrates that the project’s owner has spared no expense in bringing it to fruition.

Tilman’s son, Patrick, even called The Post Oak a “generational” asset that the family intends to keep for a long time. In any case, Tilman has made no attempt to hide the fact that his wife and children and surrounded by his $3.8 billion fortune, and we hope that his children make good use of it, honing their skills in the same way that their father did.