Don’t say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say. For you, it may seem like a simple quote, but for transgender online phenomenon Wesley Tucker, these simple words became a career booster – they catapulted him to fame.

With his first viral tweet, “If you don’t have anything pleasant to say, don’t say anything at all,” he became famous overnight.

Tucker has since established himself as an Internet celebrity, with over 770 thousand Instagram followers and more than 42 YouTube subscribers. That’s not all, though. He has made music his career and has published several songs. He’s also worked with superstars like Kellie Eastwood and Tina Woods, as well as taking part in PressPlay tours.

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Age, Parents, Height

Tucker was born Wesley Finn Tucker on June 11, 1997, in Arizona, and is 24 years old. He was born a girl in Los Angeles and reared there after his family relocated there.

His social media accounts show that he is quite close to his family, particularly his mother.

However, he has never really talked about his siblings: brothers and sisters, implying that he may be his parents’ only child.

The internet sensation stands at 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

Wesley Tucker’s Transgender Journey and Transformation

Tucker came out as a transgender person on December 17, 2014, revealing his change. He shared a photo of himself as a girl before transition.

Then he tweeted about his transition from female to trans-male, claiming to be 100 % male, in the description. He also clarified his sexuality, claiming to be transgender rather than gay. Wesley Tucker revealed his gender identity by sharing a photo from before his transition.

His supporters were supportive of his transsexual transition, as one might expect from an Arizona native.

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Wesley Tucker Is Dating Who?

In early 2010, Tucker dated YouTube singer Kellie Eastwood. Wesley performed guitar on the song “Somewhere Only We Know,” which the pair wrote together.

After his rumors about Loren Beech spread like wildfire, their relationship ended abruptly. Wesley officially presented his new girlfriend on December 20, 2015.
He tweeted that Beeech was the best girlfriend he’d ever had.

While his admirers were enthralled by his romance with Loren, Wesley had other ideas and puzzled them with a tweet on June 29, 2016 stating that he wanted a girlfriend — perhaps Lorenn had called off their relationship.

He appears to have found love in a new girlfriend, fellow musician Molly O’Malia, as of this writing. He shared a carousel on Instagram for her birthday, May 23, 2020. In one photograph, he kissed his muse while she looked at the camera.

“Every day spent with you is my favorite,” Tucker said in the post, referring to O’Malia as his best buddy.

He also expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to know her and experience the day with her. While the duo had kept their connection under wraps, fellow artist Nicholas Tomillon revealed their relationship in the comments section of the article. He praised the lovebirds as “the cutest couple.”

Although the couple has kept their romance under wraps, O’Malia frequently comments on her beau’s Instagram photos, implying that they are still going strong.

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