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Dave Marrs and his wife Jenny Marrs, who star in the reality show “Fixer to Fabulous,” are surely familiar to HGTV viewers. Fans of the show are eager not just about which historic home the couple will renovate next, but also about a tattoo Dave has on his right bicep.

When the show host extends his arm while wearing a t-shirt, the tattoo is occasionally visible. He rarely (if ever) brings it up. Jenny stated in 2017 that the tattoo is in Hebrew and that its significance is rooted in her husband’s strong Christian beliefs after being questioned repeatedly.

The tattoo is difficult to see clearly in public, but a video filmed by Dave with a selfie stick displays it to some extent.

Dave and his wife are devout Christians who are passionate about helping others

Fixer to Fabulous viewers like Dave Marrs and his wife for upholding mid-western values. These qualities include friendliness, simplicity, down-to-earthness, and Christian advocacy.

In an interview with At Home in Arkansas, the couple disclosed that their average day begins with them getting up about 6 a.m. and beginning the day with quiet time and Bible reading. They aren’t just passive believers, either; they are constantly looking for ways to do more than say a prayer and an Amen for those in need.

When it comes to being down-to-earth, the reality show hosts have adopted an orphaned kid from the Democratic Republic of the Congo named Sylvie and have donated money to help feed starving youngsters on multiple occasions.

Aside from that, the sweet couple maintains a blueberry farm in Northwest Arkansas to help orphaned and at-risk teenage boys in Marondera, Zimbabwe, get an education. They’ve teamed up with Pastor John Chinyowa, the pastor of an orphanage in Zimbabwe, to assist fund and train the youth there, who frequently become delinquents after turning 18. The Berry Farm provides vocational training to Zimbabwean orphanage youngsters in order to prepare them for adulthood.

The blueberry is significant to the pair since berries are perennial crops that produce fruit for a long period. “If you nurture berries and properly care for them, their investment will extend decades,” according to the farm’s website. “The manner we are investing in the lives of the youngsters in our program” is similar.

According to an Instagram post, the TV show stars have also assisted Pastor John in the establishment of a new church.

Dave’s tattoo expresses his faith in God even more

Most fans are astonished to learn that Dave has a tattoo, given the Marrs family’s upright, moral, and conservative image. That is most likely one of the reasons for the intense interest in it.

While Dave has rarely spoken about the tattoo, his wife has told fans that it bears special significance for her husband, who is a devout Christian.

She stated that the inscription is from the Hebrew scripture Psalm 18:2 and means “My Deliverer.” It’s a passage that, depending on Dave’s thoughts at the time, may have an even deeper resonance for him. The complete passage of the psalm can be used to better understand the meaning of the TV show host’s Hebrew tattoo:

My God is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer; I take shelter in him. He is my fortress, my shield, and the horn of my salvation. I pray to the LORD, who is praiseworthy, and I am delivered from my foes. Death’s chains ensnared me, and the floods of destruction engulfed me.

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The Marrs family consists of the couple, their five children, as well as a variety of farm animals and pets

Dave Marrs’ family is beautiful. The stunning couple is currently raising five children, all under the age of ten. Luke, their youngest son, is just over a year old, while Charlotte and Sylvie, their girls, are 5 and 7 years old, and Nathan and Ben, their twin boys, are 9 years old.

Aside from those mischievous kittens, the Marrs had twelve sheep, a llama, half a dozen cows (with babies on the way! ), a dozen chickens, three dogs, and two kittens!

In an interview, the TV show couple declared that their family is their top priority. Despite their hectic schedules, they have established stringent limits on their time together in the evenings and on weekends to protect their family time.

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